Conserve & Manage Prohibition on recreational fishing?

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    A claim was made on another ff forum that there is currently a ban on recreational fishing in Australia (perhaps the author is not exactly alluding to a ban per se but that fishing has become a non-recommended activity in this age of coronavirus crackdown). I have googled around and can find no evidence of this. Can any other Flylife Forum members enlighten me? I think we all appreciate the dangers of misinformation.



    Perhaps the Moderator can explain all the gobbely gook when I cut and pasted this

    The Tasmanian Government has determined that our community should limit unnecessary travel during the COVID-19 pandemic therefore all National Parks and reserved land managed by Parks and Wildlife Service is closed to public access until further notice.

    This means that NO FISHING can occur on this land from midnight Thursday 26 March 2020.

    This includes NO FISHING ACCESS to the following:

    • Brushy Lagoon Conservation Area
    • Central Plateau Conservation Area (includes the Western Lakes and Nineteen Lagoons)
    • Cameron Regional Reserve
    • Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park
    • Franklin – Gordon Wild Rivers National Park (Lake Pedder, Lake Gordon)
    • Great Lake Conservation Area (does not include the Great Lake)
    • Mt Field National Park
    • Tooms Lake Conservation Area
    • Walls of Jerusalem Nation Park (includes the Western Lakes)
    • Waterhouse Conservation Area (Blackmans Lagoon)

    As far as I am aware there are restrictions in place in Vic for inland waters





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    What gobbledygook? I did notice that the original post contained some bolded passages; the embedded codes which convert text to bold (italics, colour, whatever) can get copied and pasted. This (and most other forums) is a simple text editor rather than word processor.


    mitch aka 2 fish

    what’s a word processor?

    -day 1 of lockdown


    ha ha,




    Here is the Victorian equivalent , it’s a couple of days old .

    It has some small room for interpretation , but seems to me to recommend you don’t travel to fish and personally I’m taking this to mean I can go fishing as my daily exercise only if I can walk to the water from home and maintain personal isolation recommendations throughout…

    Unfortunately all my closest trout waters are an hours drive and so I think thats it for me til the recommendations change .

    Important Message to Fishers About Covid-19




    Message received loud and clear… Stay home.

    If only…

    The Parks and wildlife crew have also closed all the parks to walkers and put an end to the deer season. Fortress Tasmania and all that.

    Here is a question I have been pondering… even if we islanders did manage to get ourselves tidied up, and the wretched wee bug is still stomping around on the big island… what then?

    Maritime patrols to protect the coastline from big islanders? Blokes in flannel shirts on all the beaches as backup.  Opportunistic people smugglers with choppers cashing in…

    Too much thinking time…Jimmy

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