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    I’ve just taken delivery of the first Orvis H3D Blackout 8’5″ 8wt to land in the country, so I did what every self-respecting Fly Shop owner should do, and just spent an hour or so casting a few different lines with it.

    My first comment on the rod is that it is by far the best short 8wt I’ve ever had in my hands. It is exceptionally light weight (feels like a 6 or 7wt) and it is ridiculously easy to cast. The loops are effortless and tight, and it is just so damn accurate.


    I’ve just ordered one of these for myself, as I believe that the Blackout will be the Ultimate Barra and Cod rod. It is that quick and easy to cast, it will also excel as a Bonefish rod despite its shorter length.

    It is certainly a premium offering, full details here:



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