Events Only eight days to go till Tasmanian season 2015/16

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    Getting pretty excited. Where will you be heading?



    Sneaking along unseen behind you 🙂
    Not sure yet. Could be another exploration walk like Long Tarns weather dependent or the club bash based out of Miena.



    ..and I thought I was the only one getting excited about opening day! Now Im depressed. cos’ I’ve still got 68 more sleeps till it opens here.
    Hope its a season to remember down (up?) there for you guys and gals.

    Best of luck.



    Is there a set date where the Augusta/19 Lagoons etc gates open?



    No set date; generally early October when the powers that be decide the road is dry enough. Have known it to not close at all in a dry winter or open early Oct & close again after a down pour!

    I will probably head for Miena on the Friday night and decide what my venue will be on Saturday morning.



    Iv moved to Launceston 3 weeks ago, so this will be my first tassie opening .
    Iv spent every afternoon after uni checking out different bits of water and trying to build some kind of idea what iv got to play with .
    But everyday i look at the book and decide what river to check out , i find another 20 more spots to check out !!!
    I would love to get up top and check out some lakes if the weather is nice , but more likely will hit up the top end of north esk and st pats as iv managed to get a pretty good idea of that area.
    Any suggestions or better idea’s would be great? !
    SO KEEN !!!!!

    On another note it would be great to meet some of the other tassie guys on here .So shoot me a pm if you dont mind showing me around for a day at some stage this season 🙂



    Thanks Barry,

    Don’t know about wet but wow it’s been cold – I was watching the Anglers Alliance Webcam at Augusta last week – that lake stayed frozen over from the 15th to the 22nd!



    Augusta not looking too good today either!



    Did a bit of reccy mission around the nth east today as i had the day off , i couldnt stand looking at maps any longer .
    Almost all rivers are running quite high and dirty but as expected were clearer the higher you went up the systems .
    Some were running clear but very swiftly , but i found a handful that were perfect .
    Even managed to spot a couple fish , which has me chomping at the bit for the morning !!
    The waits almost over 🙂 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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