Travel Talk Ogilvies Creek Camping?

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    Merry Chrissie all!

    Hope lines are tight n all that!

    Just hoping someone can shed some light, jindy local here looking to find a campgroung closest to Ogilvies creek.  Tooma dam is looking like the obvious choice seeing as its closest but just worried about the levels of the waterline.  If anyone knows of the closest campground to ogilvies creek, that would be great.

    And yes all I’m chasing is a book trout, planning to camp there over new years so hopefully I can get one in before 2022, thankyou all for your help in advance

    Merry new year all!

    Chers onya



    Believe you need to go on line and book with Parks to camp anywhere in the Kossie Park. $8 booking fee.


    Charles Clayton

    I believe camping banned at Ogilvies Creek Rest area, I was down that area three weeks ago and a lot of roadside areas might be full of machinery as they were doing a lot of road work and tree felling. Tooma at 2% and I only fished briefly as it was very steep and muddy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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