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    Another great article by Risty.
    I have known Craig for quite a long time now through being workmates since way back when and I never get tired of catching up with him for a fishing story or two about all his exploits.
    He is always extremely generous with regards to sharing his vast knowledge of all things fly fishing whenever he is poked or prodded for advice.
    I look forward to reading of his adventures for many years yet….



    Yes, awesome contribution again from Craig Rist.
    Still remember his story about towing a ‘mothership’ up to Cape York, and the Meston float boats was another epic adventure.
    I have two more from him in the pipeline (one trout and one salt) so plenty more to come in Spring and Summer…s:up



    I’ve just picked up FL#92 and read this story several times on my flight back from working on the NW coast Tassie.
    Wow, great story Craig, thanks for sharing your success.
    I’m lucky enough to work in a remote spot of the far NW coast several times a year, and have been reading about the Kingy fishery over there the last couple of years. Late last summer i scoped out a spot where I hope to try for them land based…cant wait for next summer!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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