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    Hi; David Andersons Yellow Bog Creek article in the latest Flylife reminded me of the Lake River in Tasmania. Its a very hard place to fish, even with roll casting on point. I have fished it near the main Lake Road a couple of times now only to be confronted with numerous losses of tippet and flies to the hungry hawthorn bushes and 2.5 metre reeds which abound on its banks. Too deep to wade in a lot of places but does hold good fish accordingly. Super frustrating! Does  anyone else have an example of places which make you curse the fishing gods?!!



    Mary Burn NZ.



    Eucumbene in the mud! … or Canterbury when the nor’wester blows weighted nymphs back at you… or Fiordland when the  sandflies drive you insane.



    One more vote for anything involving sandflies!

    If given the choice; no venomous snakes but sand flies over heaps of wriggle sticks but no “death by 10,000 bites”, I’d take the snakes any day.



    There is a beat called Fossils on the upper Meander that gave quite a few of us some handy swimming lessons last season. I won the clubs Snorkle award yet again this year, after a pinball run right through that beat and well into the one downstream. Then had the 2km walk out looking like a drowned rat with bits of fisherman missing all over the show. And remained fishless throughout….

    But I still go back for more….Jimmy



    Agree, anything involving sandflies, which sadly means much of NZ and increasingly Oz.  Fiordland NZ def the worst.

    Many really good Murray Cod spots are a bit of a nightmare now too as my body ages – long rough walks over granite. Have been known to lie down for a little sleep.



    Where to start !

    West Coast Scotland midges can be appallingly bad , every bit as bad as sandflies , and the little buggers can get in everywhere .

    The Yarra around Warbuton on a nice summers evening when the rise starts and then there is what seems an endless stream of kids riding tyre inner tubes through your run , or some swimmers fancy a dip just above you and of course being good  people they give you a respectable 10 metres or so gap…and then you go back a week later thinking there won’t be quite as many people and you could get that stretch to yourself …idiot 😊

    The Parrott in late Summer & early Autumn when you just know they’re sitting at the tail out somewhere , and you watch for a quarter hour and see nothing , then you convince yourself they’re further up in the pool and make your most careful move to a better viewing spot …and then it happens , the bow wave of the fleeing trout …aaarrghhh not again !


    Chris Beech

    Port Phillip Bay during snapper season… Even worse, the boat ramps. Sand flies and snakes don’t hold a candle to bogan with boats.



    Now I’m reminded of Finland under the midnight sun and mosquitoes getting under our head-nets. 😡



    Four Springs Lake on opening weekend. It’s like a regatta on the water and a muddy trudge around the shore to find a fishing  spot. Once was enough.



    Anywhere around Oberon

    No fish, sometimes almost no water and  plenty of  irritable landowners.




    If you are talking landowners with guns and dogs you’d better avoid the Monaro too.

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