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    Wife is trying to plan a holiday to NZ I She wants to know about specific locations I may wish to fish while there.  Looking at prices, I don’t think guided excursions is an option.  Nice thought though.  Some suggestions would be welcome.

    Also looked at the rules, looks way to complicated with all those zones and local rules…..

    How is a tourist expected to sort that out?

    Is there some easier way to approach this than getting a law degree?

    Is it even possible to self guide there?




    Andrew Harding

    There’s so many variables Ken, North or South Islands? South… bigger fish and a HELL of a lot more angling pressure, North, more fish – FAR less pressure but smaller fish in general. Best bet is to grab John Kent’s guides to NZ, there is a separate book for each Island. I’d start by narrowing down the places you want to visit first then building your fishing around those locations.They are excellent books as a starting point for access and local methods.

    Outside of Taupo you,ll only need the one license, and the regulations for each area are online, but usually fairly similar. If you want to fish back country, be aware that many “iconic” South Island waterways you’ll need a back country endorsement as well.

    If you want un-crowded fishing for good numbers of fish, look at Hawkes Bay and the Central North Island, if you want majestic scenery and the chance of a trophy fish over 10lb – go South, but expect frustrations with crowds in peak season Oct – March…



    Thanks for that Andrew, I ordered both books.  Wow the setup on the NZ website looked really complicated and daunting.  Ta for telling me it isn’t so bad as it looks at first, gives me hope.



    Id love to go to New Zealand someday with my wife. I hope they can find a vaccine soon and end the quarantine so we can travel again. Theres just so little time, so many places to visit. I’ve also wanted to check if they have collectible coins in the country. Id love to add some to my collection.



    I went to Southland, South Island NZ recently in March.  It was mind blowing. For a first timer I suggest you do try a local guide for a few days.  It was about spotting and moving distances to find and target fish; not prospecticting (for the time I was there anyway).  The fishing pressure wasn’t too bad, but get up early.




    My 2c worth after many self-guided (and one guided) session in NZ over the last 20yrs.

    Don’t overlook the lakes!  I’ve had some great sessions on lakes and caught more fish there than in rivers.

    I mostly go South Island, but have little interest in big fish or back country.  Just happy to poke about chasing average size browns.  I’ve been to the North Island twice, but failed mostly.  But that would be due to lack of North Island knowledge.

    The pressure on rivers on the South Is. has definitely gone up significantly over those 20yrs, esp on the Mataura River.


    Anthony Cole

    If New Zealand only had its lakes to offer as a fishery it would still be one of the best destinations in the world to fly fish. No one around, and MIND BLOWING fishing., .widget#d4p_bbw_newposts-2 button{}