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    Scott Centric Fly Rod PRE-ORDER!

    The Centric Fly Rod is the brand new Radian replacement from Scott, and will be arriving just in time for our Trout Season here in Victoria.

    We are expecting stock around mid to late September, so have opened up pre-orders to enable you to be first in line to get your hands on one.

    Stock availability will be very limited to begin with, and rod allocation will be on a first in/first out basis.






    Darren Asquith – IFFF CCI
    Untamed Flies and Tackle




    Here is a quick overview of the Centric from Jim Bartschi @ Scott:


    I had a quick cast of the new Scott Centric 9’ 5wt this week. The rod had been purchased by Ash @ Harfin so it seemed fitting to to take a photo with one of his reels on it 😎
    Some bullet points on my initial impressions of this rod:
    – very easy to cast for a fast action rod
    – little effort is required to generate high line speeds
    – extremely responsive and crisp
    – effortless loop control
    – loads well short, but excels at 30’ plus
    – cast all the 5wt lines I have spooled up very well
    – the 905 Centric (or 906, I haven’t quite decided which yet) is going to be the perfect Big Fish/Windy Day/Big Water partner to my 884 Scott G Series, and I will be able to chase Trout anywhere in Oz and NZ with those 2 rods.
    I’ll write a review once I’ve spent some time with more rods in the series, but I can tell you now – the Centric is going to dominate the fast action trout rod space very quickly. Feel free to give me a call if you would like to know more.
    I currently have a 9′ 4wt and 8’6″ 4wt in stock ready to go, the other models are still filtering through when available.


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