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    Looking to come up to the Ebor area for a fish. I am wondering if the heat of summer has stuffed things up. Love to have some comments from people that have fished around recently.





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    john l gower

    I’m guessing if Ebor is anything like the rest of New England it would be the driest you would have ever seen it  my brother liver in Tenterfield  he is offloading stock every week



    Peter Elks


    Ive just phoned the Dutton Hatchery at Ebor and they have only had between 10-15ml in the last week and have not received any of the  storms received on the coast.

    All creeks are very low and warm as its been a rather  intense summer with almost zero rain of any worth.

    Prior to last week the serpentine at the hatchery  had almost zero flow and the hatcherys fish in the river pens would not even rise to pellets due to the water being so low and hot and the staff who travelled from Dorrigo to the hatchery each day also told me that even the Guy Fawkes adjacent to the Ebor pub looked low dirty and almost stagnant.

    In leau of the above I think you would be waisting your time until the area has a succession of storms that will create some  consistent run off and even with such hopefull rainfall I suggest  you should be prepared for low fish numbers in the coming seasons due to fish not surviving the low hot waters left over from summer..







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