Conserve & Manage More trouble in KNP

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    Hi Folks

    There are massive expansion plans for the KNP resorts, Island Bend and as far afield as Tantangra/Currango.

    More building, more tracks,  helicopter access for the wealthy and commercial 4WD access.

    If you are uncomfortable with these plans why not sign the petition here


    John S



    This is the Lake Malbena/TWWHA issue all over again; same political party, different venue.  The first thing I learnt in Wildlife Conservation & Management, 40+ years ago at JCU, was the primary purpose of a national park was to protect an area containing some important intrinsic value from development.  The value being protected can be biological, environmental, geological, cultural, historical etc.  The nation park is there for the benefit of all, current and future generations.  The only purpose of development within a national park is to make money.  It’s exploitation of public land for the benefit of the few, usually those already with money.  Whenever I hear the altruistic BS that comes with these proposals, it will create jobs, will open the region for people to enjoy, will promote the conservation status of the area, blah blah blah, I immediately reach for the wallet to make sure it’s still there. Petition signed.



    I think it’s totally repugnant that governments believe something scenic and beautiful has no value unless some else is making money out of it.

    Petition signed.



    Get used to it, it’s the way of the Tory.  Sorry about the poor David Scholes pun.



    And now just six days left to make a submission.

    From Save Kosci
    Have your say: stop the commercialisation of Kosci

    There’s just six days left to have your say on the commercialisation of Kosciuszko National Park. 

    Reclaim Kosci partner the National Parks Association (NPA) of NSW is calling on members and supporters to oppose the NSW Government’s Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct (SAP) project and proposed amendments to the Kosciuszko National Park Plan of Management that would allow unsustainable development of the park.

    The Government’s proposal would see major expansions of commercial infrastructure and a far greater intensity of recreational activities across the park, that throw decades of careful conservation planning under the bus.

    The proposal is out for public comment until next Monday, 23 August.

    NPA NSW have summarised the major issues and prepared a guide to help you write a strong submission to oppose the commercialisation of Kosciuszko.
    Make a submission

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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