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    Hi. Does anyone have the tying instructions and materials list for Phil Weigall’s milly midge? I have tried to find it on line and searched on the Forum and Fly life but no joy . Thanks. Bear



    Check out the first fly in the thread “Winter approaches” in Fly tying section of the forum.

    I think the original used clear tube instead of vinyl rib and mono for rib rather than wire.


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    from Australia’s Best Trout Flies revisited under Phillip Weigall. A book well worth purchasing.



    Thanks Micmac and Moderator. I agree on Malcolms book – i have the 1997 first edition and unfortunately Milly isn’t listed 🙁

    Thanks for the notes Moderator.

    Great book but confusing index.



    It is also featured in FL#20 with tying instructions and full story by Philip Weigall, if you have back issues.Screen-Shot-2021-09-20-at-3.45.16-pm


    Peter Watson

    My version of a Milly Midge;

    Grub hook

    Black thread

    Hi-Vis(or similar)

    Olive Uni Floss

    Clear Vinyl rib(or D rib) – medium

    5lb Maxima Chameleon

    Peacock herl, or peacock like dubbing(my preferred choice)

    1. Catch in your Hi Vis behind the eye with a turn or two of thread, leaving a few millimetres hanging out forward
    2. Catch in your olive floss with another turn or two of thread
    3. Catch in your maxima rib with another turn or two.
    4. Then lay a neat layer of thread down the hook shank over the hi vis, floss & rib. Return your thread back to behind the eye and half hitch to secure.
    5. Wrap the floss forward and tie off behind the eye and trim
    6. Tie in and secure the end of your vinyl rib a millimeter or so behind the hook eye. Tie it in with the flat side against the hook shank.
    7. Lay the vinyl rib over the back of the hook shank and tie in down as you wrap the maxima rib forward in close turns(chironomid larvae has 9 segments in their abdomen). After each wrap pull the maxima down firmly so it bites into the vinyl rib.
    8. Tie the rib off and trim. I also trim the excess hi vis at the rear at this point as well.
    9. Tie in and wrap some peacock herl, or form a neat thorax with dubbing. Some people like to add some red flash, either as a wing case, or as cheeks either side.
    10. Form a neat little head with thread in front of the hi vis, whip finish and your done

    Hope it helps


    Bottom fly is a bit chewed but you get the idea



    thanks peter

    are you laying the rib down the shaft of the hook and tying in on with the thread then pulling it back up the shaft ? this would make the body fairly chunky.

    in the photo it looks like the tail end of the rib has been cut off and it has been pulled down the shaft from the top and secured  just wondering if you just tie it in at the top then lay it down the shaft and secure with the Maxima

    and i have issue 20 and have had a re-read of Phil’s article.




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    Peter Watson

    Hi Bear

    Your thoughts from the photo are correct. The vinyl rib is just tied down at the front, behind the eye(after you have wrapped the olive floss forward). Then it is held down over the body by wrapping the maxima forward.

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