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    Finally some time to read FL 91 and straight to Rob’s article on Little Pine Lagoon, Tasmania. This is my all time favourite fishing location even though after 14 years I am yet to touch a fish from it’s waters. The early (very) tailing fish are way to smart for me and after being educated for decades by the immortals mentioned in the article it is likely to stay that way. That said a young whipper snapper who has a column in this magazine did frustrate me by getting several of these un-catchables early one morning. The midday duns, a Tasmanian myth, seems to have advance knowledge of my pending visit and disappear for the week I am there. The evening is my time when the setting sun paints the lake gold & orange. The Road Shore my favoured spot when for a short while the fish rise in procession and I have even tricked a couple of them only to drop them, likely due to the surprise. Still Little Pine remains a must do for each and every visit, I just need the weather to be a little kinder.



    I have had lots of very kind feedback on this article, along with stories of success and failure.
    Remember though chief I have always enjoyed the luxury of fishing there in favourable weather!



    Yes, very good article Rob.

    It takes a bit of time to really understand Little Pine. I started fishing it with my Dad when I was eleven. I have some fond memories.
    I was taught to watch cars blow dust along the Marlborough Highway and hope the dust kept going by the dam and disappear. “We don’t want anyone else here Rick”

    Meeting Noel Jetson on several occasions. He used to call my Dad “Mr Hardy”

    I remember hooking a tadpole feeder on the Cricket Pitch shore on a Fenwick only to lose him. One of the men who had waded out to his nuts yelled to my Dad “Hasn’t he learnt to swear yet?”
    I once caught nine in a day, all on a dry. Some tailing, some rising and a couple polaroided. I was older and on my own that day. Dad was too sick to be there.
    I caught an “untouchable” on a dry one morning. Surrounded by quite a few that had given up. I think Dave had already started walking back to the car with Barry.
    I’m not blowing my trumpet, just sharing some memories.
    Time for a sandwich on Senators Rock
    It will always be a special place.



    The Barry Lodge Emerger #12 worked for me on five occasions in Feb this year but I was fishing from a boat with Duns popping up ….. tis a great sight when the planets align and the fish cooperating.



    I have many memories of Little Pine my first Tassie trout came from there .
    Up in the top corner near the duck hides using a dun pattern only 10 feet in front me , I could see the browns eyes light up when set the hook if to say what was that !
    One other November morning at 6am it was freezing my first ever trailing trout , it was up at the old fence post on the point up from the cricket pitch flicking out my a red tag and to see a tail disappear and a mouth appear to take fly I can still picture it now as I’m typing .
    The main thing will never forget is meeting a old guy and his wife at the boat ramp , he said to me hey young fella how did you go ?
    I replied no good yourself , yes we did ok today as he pulled 4 fish all about 4lb out of is boat and said I’ll pickle this lot.
    I looked at the old man’s flyrod as it was laying in his boat , it was a old green solid fibreglass rod that had been knocked around I think he said it was custom made by Bluey Pal , anyway he asked what fly I was using I replied a shaving brush can I see it he said , that’s not a shaving brush this is a shaving brushing and held is hand and gave me one and it was totally different than the one I was using , I invented the shaving brush he said my name is Cyril Rice well I spent the next 2 hour listening to his story of him and wife about Little Pine .
    That year was 1996 and that’s something I never forget and I still have that fly in a special fly box at home today .
    That is why I go fly fishing because you’ll never know who you might meet .
    Thanks Little Pine



    Thanks for sharing. Little Pine certainly evokes fond memories for so many of us.
    The article started out as ‘everything you ever wanted to know about Little Pine’ for the more technically minded, but then the day with Lib became a story within itself and a few thousand words got dumped along the way.

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