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    Could it be as simple as Nail knot for trout and Loops for salt ?

    I guess silk looped transitions are the obvious exception for trout .

    Out of curiosity how do people tie their Leader Loops  , if a well tied loop ‘ will not fail’ and keeps it smooth through the guides  ? And where would a braided loop transition be superior to the welded loop provided on the line ? Specific details would be appreciated…I’d go for a Perfection Loop .


    Chris Beech

    I’ll still use nail knots sometimes,  like if the flyline cracks and I have to nip a bit off or do a field repair. I fished an #8 intermediate line at Hinchinbook in April that had a leader nail knotted to it and got some reasonable barra.


    I use the perfection loop to make a small loop in the leader butt for loop to loop connection to the flyline. I tried a surgeons also, but the surgeons is a bit more bulky knot. If the flyline loop fails I’ll make another by nail knotting a small loop in the fly line with 50lb GSP. Drop of super glue, a coat of Aquaseal and I’ll dare anyone to get it to fail.

    I stopped using braided loops at the pointy end years ago thanks to a couple of failures. You know, strand by strand they can break over time and fail when you least expect. On the blunt end (backing loop) it’s not so bad because it’s not seen as often and not cast into/over sticks and stones. BTW I put a big braided loop on my backing- big enough to pass over reels or flyline spools. Makes changes quick & easy.

    I don’t think its a trouty/everything else thing. I’ll use either, but definitely loops over #8 weights and loops as a preference – even on 15′ leaders in NZ where we all know the fish are persnicketty to line colours, knots, fly fishing brand names, felt soles and sensitive personalities. Depends how often you change lines & rigs too. Whatever floats your boats.



    I use loop to loop connections for trout.  Often using 16 to 18 ft leaders.  The commercial tapered leaders that I use come with a pre-tied loop.  I can’t recall ever having to retie that factory loop knot.  The loop outlasts the leader.  I use the factory welded loop that comes on the fly line and only trim it off and replace it with a braided loop if it gets ratty.



    I use loop to loop from 2wt to 8wt single hand and 3wt to 6wt double hand rods.

    SH – backing to line to leader, DH – backing to running line to head to tip to leader.

    Twig water to river and lakes.

    Not a great caster at the best of times so don’t notice anything adverse. Doesn’t seem to affect the catch rate.



    I’ve never had a 50lb.Gudebrod braided loop fail,and this includes those hard (and long) running fish like Milkfish and GT’s.Periodic checking of these connections is always advisable of course.



    Loop to Loop is great for me, I don’t carry an epoxy UV kit to do changeover nail knot leaders in the field and a quick L/L means more fishing time. Nail knot sure has the continuance of energy in a straight line and not the loose kink but I will give that up for the convenience.

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