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    Howdy all, I have been tagging along with the good woman and a few of her friends that are in some serious training for an upcoming wilderness race and one of the walks crossed Kedumba creek where we stopped and had some lunch. I wandered upstreem from the crossing and spotted a small brown around 6 ” in a shallow pool above the concrete crossing. Has anyone fished in the area and had some success? Would a spawning run up Kedumba river be possible with the dam at its current capacity?I will be hiking down to Kedumba farm sooon and will take a rod but not sure yet if that area is within exclusion zone . Any info will be appreciated cheers Jamie s:up


    John Coles

    Hi Jamie
    I went down there over a decade ago but did not fish as it was mid season.
    It should get the spawners especially as it has been cleaned up, Blue Mountains sewerage works use to release into this area I believe. So you just have to be there when conditions are right, after a good flood down the Cox a drop in temperature and during the dark nights the fish prefer to run.
    I would be interested to know how you go. Its a fair hike down there.
    Best regards


    Charles Clayton

    I’ve never been down there however I can remember reports of fish being there despite the old sewage works, I would imagine the water quality is better these days. There is a commonly available book on mountain biking which details access to the area.



    I explored the area about 2 years ago. Fished from a few km downstream. The water looked promising but the fishing was not. I saw the odd little darting fish but that was it. For the effort, there are many better options. I’m not sure about spawning fish, it was quite silted up, but might be worth a look at the right time. Apart from the fishing it was a lovely spot.



    Thanks for the replies folks,will be heading into the area soon and will report back . cheers troutboy s:up

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