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    G’day all I’m new to the forum and I am after some advice so hopefully you will be able to help 🙂 I am going up to jamieson next weekend and just wondering wat rivers are the best around there and what flies this time of year ? Any help would be greatly appreciated cheers keegan



    Up there you have the Jamieson and the Upper Goulburn, i did ok on the Goulburn b4 xmas but went back in late feb and it was a dissaster, warm and no sign of fish, but id give either a go if you are up there, flies like stimis, caddis, wullfs, the usual stuff does the job



    there are still not many fish in the Goulburn, Delatite,Howqua i havent fished the Jamieson but suspect it to be fishing like the others. I don’t think you will be catching a fish around Jamieson, maybe the headwaters could be better


    big dave

    I haven’t been up there for a bit. Agreed, the lower reaches have been quiet. This time last year we had a couple of reasonable days on the upper Jamieson. This time of year, I usually go for a Stimulator, and if the fish aren’t stimulated pretty quickly, then I hang a hare & copper nymph 18 inches off the bend.

    If you have a go, let us know how it is.



    Two weeks ago I fished the Goulburn a few k’m up from Gaffneys Creek junction for one 20cm rainbow on a Royal Stimulator and my 14yr old got a 33cm rainbow on a Rapalu lure. Didn’t see any other fish for the few days we were up there. I have never seen the Goulburn that low. I suspect the Jamo will be very low and lifeless. I however want to head to Wrens Flat on the Jamo early May so I am very interested in how you go.

    Good Luck



    While we’re here – sounds like lack of rain smashed the Eildon catchment.

    Anyone notice whether the shags smashed these streams as well this year? Lots of mentions in this forum about them all over the shop, including Tassie.

    I’m planning to fish up towards Thompson dam region on Anzac day in a river generally less susceptible to low flows – still worried that the shags may have cleaned out a decent hunk of the fish or put them on the sulk. Guess i’ll have to take my chances and report back.



    Thanks guys I’m only just gettin back into fly fishing after 3 years and keen to get onto a few is eildon worth a go ? I will only have waders so any thoughts? Thanks heaps



    Book a drift boat session with the Gvffc guys, can’t go wrong!

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    On a bit of a budget though haha how much are they worth?



    Agree with Scott. If you’re on a budget, book a 1/2 day session – arvo into evening. Rises apparently good at the moment. They will also give you some free kicks as to where else is fishing well around the eildon area if you’re planning to fish for another day. just google gvffc and you’ll get onto it.



    I fished the Howqua above 4 mile about 3-4 weeks ago. Only saw 2 fish, but caught both -35 and 46cm. Low water. Shags. No small fish.

    Apparently upper upper Delatite fished Ok. Different water. Bouldery. Not wide flat pools like the Howqua.

    Challenging fishing.

    Hope it works.

    Andrew A

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