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    Hi Guys,

    Has anybody tried these new iwaders yet or know somebody who has.



    I have a pair. I wore them daily during the recent World FF Champs in Tassie (I was a controller and received them as a freebie). They are not as breathable as goretex (or similar) material but they are extremely comfortable to wear because of the 2-way stretch.

    On the breathability, I found I didn’t get uncomfortably sweaty despite having to run for about 300m across a boulder field as one of my competitors tried to maximise his fishing time in the dying minutes of his session. The following day, my competitor set off at a jog across a paddock to get back to the bottom of the beat, a distance of around 5-600m. I told him that I couldn’t jog that far but would walk as quickly as I could; by the time he got half way, he was walking. When he got back to my vehicle at the bottom of the beat, he decided to grab an energy drink from the vehicle and I arrived before he had a chance to remove the cap. Once again, despite walking briskly, I wasn’t overly sweaty.

    I know a couple of the other controllers did have leaks in their waders but the majority seem to have been ok.

    That said, I did puncture mine just below the knee while rushing upstream along the river bank behind one of my competitors; I was watching him rather than the fallen trees etc along the bank and poked a branch through them. iWader replaced them FOC and also let me keep the damaged ones.

    I haven’t had occasion to wear them since, but I will do so should the occasion arise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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