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    So with enough time for the wheel to have turned 360 what are peoples opinions on vests?

    Personally I like them. I have two I use;

    “Full Orchestra” can pack with fruit cake and water bottle and cover a days strolling along the river with more gear than I need.

    Lite (call it tactical because it sounds cool) just enough for a specific session where I know I’m going to specialise. (cake and coffee stay in the car).

    I do also use a C&F design lanyard box for twigging with optional pack for survival gear (more cake) and wet weather gear.

    Tried a sling for awhile never really took to it. Limited cake carrying capacity.

    Just wondering aloud if the vest is making a comeback or am I to remain unfashionable.




    I hadn’t realised that vests had gone out of fashion.  I’ve always had a vest.  Now on to my fourth after four decades of fishing.  I have a sling bag for photographic work, but would never consider a sling for fishing.  I prefer a minimalist vest with fewer pockets.  Too many pockets leads to the desire to fill them unnecessarily – travel light.  I also look for a vest with hidden pockets where I can stash forceps, nippers, and other gear that would otherwise dangle around the vest and get in the way.  I currently have the Desolve Drift Vest which I really like.


    Chris Beech

    We both like cake.

    I still can’t go past the Patagonia Sweet Vest Pack. It’s a mesh vest with a pocket in the back if you want to go light,  or you can clip the front to the backpack for full days away. With cake. And coffee… And raincoat etc. In 35 years of flyfishing, nothing has come close.



    I had the fishpond combo, similar style to what Chris refers to above. In the end i’ve just gone for a lightweight backpack. I find it carries things more comfortably than a vest or combo vest and the front pockets allow me a fly box in 1 pocket and gink, forceps etc in the other. For my style of generally full days on the river I find this works really well.


    mitch aka 2 fish

    everything you need and the necessity in which you need it lies in a sling. or a mate.



    Vests? Fruitcake?Lanyard boxes?…….must be a Trout fishing thing.You’ll appreciate a Sling when you really need to keep your gear out of the water.Good ones even have a moulded drop-down work surface.Horses for courses and all that.



    Reckon a lanyard box would work okay on the flats, probably not the fruit-cake though, crunchy grit is not the kind of texture you want in your “sit on a log reflecting” tea break.



    Bag for me for day fishing (old  Crumpler camera bag with a few grommets in the strap to attach things to ). For hiking a laynard ,  and flybox/boxes in the pack .

    Seems to work pretty well.

    Can fit everything into the bag including thermos & food & emergency stuff.

    Easier on & off than a vest or backpack , does have a tendency to slide around when you bend but you get used to avoiding that.

    Have all the stuff I need to access quickly on zingers on the shoulder strap grommetts on my chest,  or in waders chest pocket & patch.

    Keep thinking about DIYing a chestpack/vest  combo out of old waders …anyone else given that a try ?

    Havent yet got a solution to the cycle of minimising the stuff I carry in the closed season cleanup , then finding I’ve slowly put it all back in again by Xmas ! 🙃



    I recycle old waders as wader bags. Just cut off the legs and sew up the holes. Never thought of DIY chest pack….

    As to minimising stuff… yep same start with good intentions and end up lugging half a shops worth.

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