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    A few months back I experienced a breakage to (the second-from –tip section of) my Sage Method fly rod whilst fishing. I had purchased the rod some years ago second-hand.

    Sent it back to Sage in August from Geelong, Victoria and it  arrived at their factory after about a month’s journey.

    I returned the entire rod and  requested a replacement for the broken  section. I mentioned in passing  that there was some scuffing around the joint on the butt section.

    Fast forward to the present. The rod was dispatched back to me via Fedex from Seattle six days ago and arrived in Geelong just within the week.

    Not only did Sage replace the broken section but, in addition, replaced the Butt section. No questions asked.

    All up cost to me was the cost to dispatch the rod via AusPost to the Sage factory. Otherwise there were no  charges  either for the rod  parts or for the Fedex shipping back to Australia.

    Quality of Service deserves recognition.





    Cannot complain about that kind of service!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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