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    I’m a fan of Ernest Hemingway. Not so much for particular stories but for his minimalist style of writing. The documentary on SBS last night was a real treat (the first of three now available on SBS On Demand).
    Would-be FlyLife feature writers and Short Cast contributors I’m sure would benefit greatly from tuning in and borrowing from his approach. Things like… working in short sentences that anyone can understand; starting with a fact that you know to be true; omitting needless words; avoiding adjectives wherever possible; re-reading and editing your own work repeatedly until you have distilled the essence of what you want to say.
    All easier said than done, I know.
    ‘Watershed’ is the closest I’ve come to being happy with my own writing, and that took a year or two of constant revision.



    Agree.I read “Death in the Afternoon” and “The Sun also Rises” while living in Europe and before going to the bullfights in Spain fifty years ago.Papa’s spare elegant prose had me from the get-go.I must revisit those novels of my youth,especially “The Old Man and the Sea”.


    Mark Cloutier

    I watched it too and enjoyed the sense of adventure and grandness this man had. He couldn’t write something unless he had experienced it, and his time as a journalist certainly help shape his short, sharp writing style. When reading Hemingway, there is a certain rhythm to it that only adds to its appeal (for me at least). Some of the paragraphs spoken of in last nights episode were incredibly good. The series is certainly worth watching.



    Must watch it .  And he was a fly fisherman , fished a Hardy. the ‘Fairy’  Palakona

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