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    I didn’t start out to paint a series of paintings on the Gungarlin. I first fished this stream with Woody and Lachie during the Thredbo Gathering in March 2018. We caught plenty of small, feisty rainbows. The fishing got better the further we walked up this stream.
    When I got home ideas for paintings started as small watercolours and then turned into oil and acrylic paintings.

    Anyway, for all those Gatherers that walked the Gungarlin during the Gathering and later here is my reflections of that beautiful alpine valley at 1600 metres. Can’t wait to go back after March 2019.

    I painted this one quickly over an hour or so in the studio and it has a good fluidity about it.

    “Walking the Gungarlin with Woody and Lachie”

    The other two are still works in progress, the Oil is on the left and the acrylic on the right.

    “Dog Trees , East of the Gungarlin”.



    Looking great JC.

    The colours in the latest painting match the colours of March on the Gungarlin perfectly.

    A very enjoyable day with great company.



    Nice Jeff, I’m really liking the new addition.



    Ya nailed it with that one J.C. Spontaneous, intuitive, vibrant and clearly straight from the soul. Isnt it wonderfull how some works just seem to arrive full on and unexpected? Now, I don’t mean to be crass or to lower the tone any, but may I enquire as to the dimensions? All things have a reason….Please



    That painting is 61 cm x 30 cm.
    Unfortunately it is not for sale Jimmy because it is my new favourite and may stay that way for a while.
    I am going to paint a couple more in that same fluidity of acrylic they are from photos I took walking back with Woody mid afternoon.
    Anyway, back to the vice for a while I have a lot of flies to tie.



    Ahh Well… I didn’t really think you would even consider parting with it, and understandably so. I was just being cheeky and opportunistic. But my goodness that would look superb hanging above my tying desk. You might want to consider that one for the Glover Award… it would certainly grab some attention. Cheers JC , now back to work for me as well…. God that’s a nice painting.



    Very nice painting Jeff.


    quote jimmyellenberger” post=325664:

    ………………………… You might want to consider that one for the Glover Award… it would certainly grab some attention. Cheers JC , now back to work for me as well…. God that’s a nice painting.

    Unfortunately Jimmy, the John Glover Award is for a Tasmanian landscape:
    “The entered work must be a titled landscape painting of Tasmania, and does not have to have been painted in Tasmania. The term ‘landscape’ is to be understood broadly and is not intended as a limitation on approach, for example, seascapes and cityscapes are acceptable within the definition.”

    Great painting though Jeff. s:up


    mitch aka 2 fish

    I’m still wondering how you’re going to get ‘dog trees’ to me… hell, just send it with the flies.


    ps. until you mentioned it just now I’d forgotten about my flies. we’ll pretend I’ve been really busy.



    Thanks for the kind words everyone it is nice to get some positive feedback.

    I am taking the new painting to the framers today and will post a picture of the framed painting when it is finished.

    Mitch still tying your flies have finished the Adams just waiting on the silk to arrive from Poland to tie the Golden Stimmies. I am going bass fishing next week with the M&C boys at Somerset Dam so I will be away for a while.
    Your Winged Adams # 14



    Knocked up this one this morning.
    “The long walk back to a very welcome cold beer with Woody, Gungarlin River.”
    Acrylic on gesso board.

    Loving these acrylic paints.



    Framed and up on my wall in the studio.

    Just have to do the other one for a matched pair.





    quote jimmyellenberger” post=326206:


    Currently working on a larger version of “The Long Walk Back, Gungarlin River.”

    In between tying Trout flies.



    The larger painting is off to the framers soon. Is a painting ever really finished?

    This is a hard question to answer, the more you look the more you see and fiddle with. Best leave them alone and send them off to the framers.

    Managed to get the slope down to the stream working in the foreground.

    “The Long Walk Back, Gungarlin River”. Acrylic on canvas. 60cm x 91cm.

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