#104 Spring 2021 Great issue

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    Greg French

    I loved FlyLife #104. As Managing Editor, Leighton has really hit his stride. All the articles were equally good, and all appealed to me. (No, that’s not a tautology.)

    Nick Reygaert’s article on fishing for canal-raised spawners was a surprise. This is exactly the sort of fishing I love to say I hate, yet I could imagine having a great day swinging wets on the Ohau with a bunch mates. (Beer would help. Magic mushrooms would help more.)

    Jess McGlothlin’s assessment of fishing the US in the time of Covid was another surprise. Who would have thought Covid would result in increased fishing pressure? It certainly hasn’t happened in Victoria. Not even Tassie, as far as I can tell. I suppose it’s because America’s response to Covid has been different to Australia’s response.

    I always enjoy the Short Casts, but this lot was fantastic. I’m especially glad that Tony Sloane’s ‘Mother spins’ got an airing. Tony’s classical style of writing has timeless appeal, as does his quirky humour.

    Anyway, thanks to all contributors.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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