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    Hi all, I recently purchased a great condition

    Gloomis IM6 4wt. Just wondering if anyone has any information on this older rod, what fishing applications it suits and how it compares to current day rods?




    I bought my dad one for his birthday about twenty years ago from Lilydale lakes Tackle shop.  A couple of years ago my mate broke his rod and my dad sold it to him.  When we got it out again for a cast we all thought it was very soft.  IM6 is pretty old tech.  Great for dry fly, but a bit gutless for modern methods such as dual nymph rigs, tungsten rigs etc.





    Thanks for the feedback Gary. I plan to use it as a dry fly rod, I got it at a reasonable price so will move it on if it doesn’t suit my needs

    cheers Ezra



    Hi Ezra,

    I have an old IM6 5 weight stashed at the back of my quiver and will never “move on”. It gets pulled out for a run in Autumn when the tricky technical dry fly fishing is at the fore. IM6 is definitely  old tech but will present tiny dries on fine tippet with a mellow precision like no other. That “softness” also does wonders for protecting fine tippet and tiny hooks.

    I run a DT through mine as it’s used at close to medium range with accuracy trumping distance (drift line and timing is critical).

    Would never even contemplate casting double rigs or tungsten  with it, not its job. It does do very well as an “old school” unweighted nymph with greased leader but its great strength is as a soft presentation dry fly rod.

    The action is soft, more like glass, so you need to slow down and feel the rod.  Enjoy it.



    Thanks Michael for the in-depth review and knowledge on this rod and it’s fishing applications. I’m looking forward to getting it on the water come spring time 👍

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