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    Fraser Perry

    Prices listed excl. postage from Perth.



    Title /Author/ Published /Price
    Nymphs: A Complete Guide to Naturals and Their Imitations Ernest Schwiebert 1973 50
    [SOLD] Presentation Gary Borger 1995 50
    [SOLD]Caddisflies Gary Lafontaine 1981 50
    Jason Borger’s Nature of Fly Casting: A Modular Approach Jason Borger 2001 60
    Spey Casting Simon Gawesworth 2004 50
    Lefty Kreh’s Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing Lefty Kreh 2006 50
    Fly Fishing Strategy Swisher and Richards 1975 50
    Designing Trout Flies Gary Borger 1991 15
    What the Trout Said: About the Design of Trout Flies and Other Mysteries Datus Proper 1989 40
    Australias Best Trout Flies Malcolm Crosse 1997 30
    Essential Fly Fishing Techniques – Signed Copy Neil Grose 2001 40
    Nymphs, the Mayflies: The Major Species: Volume I Ernest Schwiebert 2007 35
    Fly Water fly fishing rivers of the west Grant McLintock 1994 25
    Tactical Fly Fishing Jeremy Lucas 2009 45
    Nervous Water: Variations on a Theme on Fly Fishing Steve Raymond 2006 20
    [SOLD] Barr Flies: How to Tie and Fish the Copper John, the Barr Emerger, and Dozens of Other Patterns, Variations, and Rigs John Barr 2007 34
    Fly Fishig for Bonefish Dick Brown 1993 30
    Dry Fly: New Angles Gary Lafontaine 2002 45
    Fly Fishing in Saltwater Lefty Kreh 1974 25
    The One That Got Away Harry Hill 1996 25
    [SOLD] Reading Waters Gary Borger 2011 20
    The Artful Science of Trout Fishing John Hayes and Les Hill 2005 30
    Trout Madness Robert Traver (John Voelker) 1960 30
    Fly Fishing and Fly Tying II Hends Products 25
    The Speckled Success William Brinsley 2011 20
    More About Trout – Signed Copy Robert Sloane 1989 20
    Masters on the Nymph Migel and Wright 1979 30
    Australian Trout Food, Trout Flies Robert Flower 2001 20
    Trout Season Philip Weigall 15
    Selective Trout Carl Richards & Doug Swisher Revised 20
    The Trout Diaries Derek Grzelewski 2011 20
    The Last Wild Trout Greg French 2016 15
    Classic Fly Fishing New Zealand Rivers John Kent 2003 25
    Essential Trout Flies Dave Hughes 2000 20
    A Jerk on One End: Reflections of a Mediocre Fisherman Robert Hughes 1999 20
    Eels James Prosek 2011 20
    Wildfish – Signed Copy Peter Morse 2000 20
    Fishing the River of Time Tony Taylor 2012 10
    Fly Waters: A Flyfishers Guide to Trout Streams and Lakes of Victoria ad the Snowy Mountains Philip Weigall 2010 15
    A Guide to Stocked Lakes and Dams in New South Wales John Diplock 2005 10
    The Essence of Fly Casting Mel Kreiger 2001 35
    Flutter, Skitter, and Skim: Using the Living Insect as a Guide to Successful Fly Fishing Leonard M Wright Jr 2001 20
    Woolly Wisdom: How to Tie and Fish Woolly Worms, Woolly Buggers, and Their Fish-Catching Kin Gary Sourcie 2006 50


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    Fraser – do you still have Designing Trout Flies by Gary Borger?  Interested in buying.  Let me know. Andy


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