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    These winter trips are great social events, earlier evenings, lots of time to catch up over a red or three. Add to that the fish are in peak form and always seem to fight that bit harder 😉 As promised lasts years group get first right of refusal

    But don’t give up hope lads, we usually have some drop out along the way so get your name down for the open spots or as a reserve 😀

    The Players:
    1. Ali (confirmed)
    2. Spanka (confirmed)
    3. Scottm (confirmed)
    4. Enigma (confirmed)
    5. it could be you
    6. snaged/the hang (confirmed)
    7. Gumwah (confirmed)
    8. Barnopoulos (confirmed)
    9. Ridgey (confirmed)
    10. Matt A (confirmed)
    11. Madbarry (confirmed)
    12. Paddydundee (confirmed)
    Reserves: it could be you

    The Weekend includes the usual shared guiding and two nights shared accommodation, bedding and towels provided. Maximum 12 people, arrive 3pm Friday leave at your leisure Sunday (or on dark)

    Cost for the weekend will be $300, plus food which will be around $25, so the only extras will be drinks any snacks (cheeses, salumi etc) and a meal up at the Wallace pub Friday night (this might change)

    Private Reply or post to put your name on the list

    Please EFT full payment of $300.00 to the following bank details by the end of June

    ANZ Bank
    The Trout School
    Accnt : 266676761
    BSB: 013289
    Ref code: 1st letter of 1st name followed by 1st 3 letters of 2nd name followed by FLFJULY

    Therefore Andrew Connell’s ref code would be ACONFLFJULY

    Guys please reply to the thread with your contact details Email/Mobile so I can respond to you, remember that the private reply is one way (I’m the only one that can see them, I can’t private reply back to you).



    Ill be there, can’t wait!


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    Hey guys the July forum weekend has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 lock down.



    Just an update for those that were off the list. The trip is now going ahead on the 11-13th December, there are some spots open, the trip is limited to 8 staying in the cabin.
    Post here if you’re keen or send me an email, Andrew at Connell dot Com dot Au



    Just another check to see if there are any, looking to come along to Millbrook, see the latest FlyLife for some inspiration 😉



    I am looking forward to it, especially with the possibility of catching a few off the top on the dry ( weather permitting ).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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