Events FLYLIFE Forum Gathering 2021 – Fri 5/3 to Mon 8/3

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    mitch aka 2 fish

    I can’t believe I had to miss this. by the by, I’m not any better for it.

    cheers lads,


    so I’ve had a post-it note stuck to my computer for two or three days now stating “thank Mike!”

    last night before I went to bed I tried to find his email address and have since given up; so I’ll thank you lads here.

    last week I received a notice from aus post saying something was arriving. skeptical as I may be I thought it was spam and I was thankfully wrong.

    it was an item from the gathering which I did not pay for and comes at a very welcome time; when it arrived I was elated as the trip had totally left my mind. I’ve been very much occupied with other things (all good).

    thank you very much for the people involved with getting this vest to me. it completes a collected item from every gathering and I feel that I actually didn’t miss this one…

    it fits perfectly, my missus loves the colour and I would like to thank boris for the hat pin… very classy.

    thank you again, mike, ray and milan.


    please note: remember. I haven’t missed one. I’ve now the gear to prove it.

    junior: read above. covid trumps newborn babies. I’m still undefeated.



    True to form 2fish leads the way again. I also enjoyed being the recipient of a nice hat pin delivered in person by Boris. It is small details of consideration (or pity) such as this which demonstrates the lasting Gathering cohesion. Roll on 2022 and please just piss off out of it Mr. Covid….

    Cheers… Jimmy



    Haha, gone but not forgotten…I think your record has an asterisk…



    Got my jab so I’m up for anywhere baitches 🙂



    mitch aka 2 fish

    ^^^ yeah, until ‘catch22’… be lucky with your yearly flu shot, mate.



    Once again it was an amazing trip. I alway feel so welcome which i truly appreciate. The organising team did an amazing job, thank you all so much.

    I had a great weekend, love coming down to trout country. RemoteMediaFile_6553841_0_2021_03_06_15_08_36




    Nice photos, Jaz.  Is that first one from a drone?

Viewing 7 posts - 181 through 187 (of 187 total)
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