Events FLYLIFE Forum Gathering 2021 – Fri 5/3 to Mon 8/3

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    We missed you Jimmy. I took Nog to our spot and I think he had fun.

    Was great as always to catch up with forumites old and new. Can’t wait for the next one.




    On behalf of the committee I would like to thank all those who were able to join us this year. It was a great grathering with an attendance of 22 and considering the black cloud that was hovering for the last 12 months I thought that was a pretty good effort.

    There is always a list of sponsors we would like to thank so here we go:

    FlyLife Magazine for 8 of their long sleeved T-shirts (Tocs is modelling one in Boris’ post above)

    Epic for a 2 caps and 2 T-shirts

    Boris Gasper Bamboo fly rod

    Scottie McPherson for a set of 4 camo tippet spools.

    Alpine Angler at Cooma  25 flies and a 10% discount card

    Bread Boss (Boris) some speciality flour

    Freddie an old style carrybag (and yes he won back it in the prize draw! and yes we did allow a re-draw.)

    Rusty Penny Brewing 3 cans of beer in each showbag

    Brumbies Distillery 2 bottles of Schnapps

    Sinapore Baking for the gathering Badge

    Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club  24 little bottles of red wine for the Pasta night

    Jeff Cassidy  a water colour original

    Snowy Region Visitor Centre

    Kosciuszko Brewing Company

    and last but least,when Ray is involved, Dial Before You Dig is never far away.

    As with all gatherings some caught trout and some didn’t but having attended 10 of these I’ve come to realize that  catching the odd trout is really a bonus, the main thing is the friendships that have been forged over the last 13 years.

    It was a shame a few of the “regulars” were able to attend but bear in mind there’s always next year.





    Like Tocs,I also managed to spend some time with Mitta and although there were no fish to hand, learning a new technique (Euronymphing) was a fun way to spend time on the water, thanks Mitta!




    As mentioned previously,its not always about fishing but the journey as well. Here we met a typical country road block complete with cowboy, on our quest to find trout in the Delegate River.



    mitch aka 2 fish

    I can’t believe I had to miss this. by the by, I’m not any better for it.


    cheers lads,




    What more can I say but another fantastic Gathering organized by the Sydney committee. I didn’t think I had a chance of making it just a few short weeks ago. It was fantastic to catch up with some old mates and this event really is a highlight for me. I am deeply indebted to Milan for on gifting Boris’s magnificent boo and also to Boris for making and donating this superior piece of art. I just hope I can do it justice.
    The last thing to mention is try and stay fit so you can get over any ailments and make it to the next Gathering.



    Another great weekend, thanks to the organising committee for putting together a great setup.

    Thanks to DC also for the week of fishing new waters for me before the gathering and to Rob and Tocs for a couple of great days fishing during the weekend.

    Good to catch up with everyone again.

    Unfortunately I may be the first scratching from next years event due to a conflicting schedule.




    Rule number one.

    Never bet double or nothing in a game of pool with Chief.

    Great location, great setup, great food, mildly great company.

    Thanks for not killing me completely Junior.





    Hats off to Boris, Milan, Michael & Ray for the great job in Jindabyne, well done lads.
    Great venue, plenty of food & cooked breakfast & dinners.

    Gift bags & prizes were also well done, the bar is certainly set high!

    Looks like Mitta Mitta Valley for the next one, that is if Dan Andrew’s lets you in by then, 14 days quarantine for a 3 night fishing trip doesn’t sound like a good use of time to me but each to his own.

    ‘Then if you do get in, please do not expect home cooked meals like Jindabyne, unless Friday night party pies on a plate counts as a served meal. Cooking is not Redders or my strong suit so time to lower expectations, tongs & a spatula will be provided for you to cook up your own storm each day.

    We will, however, mix up the meals & provide hot dogs for dinner Sunday night, with unlimited Tommy sauce.

    Not sure about a bamboo rod for a prize but I have a few old hand reels from 1986 I could throw in for the main prize.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there in 12 months,






    Don you undersell your ability, you’re steak sandwiches are legendary.

    Redders well guess it’s pies.




    What a Gathering

    As as has been mentioned – Mike, Ray, Milan, Boris (& Colin’s scrambled eggs) – thanks for a great weekend Fella’s.

    The food & smooth execution of the event was exceptional – brace yourselves for a change in 2022.

    But catching up with old mates – and making new ones, was brilliant – The Gathering is a unique group – to say the least.

    Notable regulars were sorely missed – Mitch, Rampant & Jimmy – we did our best without you’s – but get yourselves organised for 2022’s  – Mitta Valley Gathering

    Indeed the bar is set high – Don & I ( with Bfishin’s help ) will do our best to bring it back to a grass roots level !

    i will set up the 2022 forum topic shortley

    PS – Chief – if you want pies – ok, but i can’t heat them – i’m not allowed to play with matches – so cold pies only

    Cheers – Redders




    What a fantastic week!

    Big thanks go to Mike, Ray, Milan and Boris… you gents did an amazing job organising and catering the weekend.

    It was awesome catching up with all of Gathering family.

    Already looking forward to the Dartmouth Gathering.

    Special thanks go to DC and Nog for a spectacular Death March… what a brilliant way to finish a Gathering.



    A very big thank you to the Committee you know who you are, great food and company. I didn’t catch any fish as usual suffering from the “Chief’s Curse” for Gatherings. Hoping the Mitta Valley will be a happy fishing experience for me next year.

    Roll on 2022.




    Warnsey with a nice rainbow
    The upstream barrier. Not a bad view for lunch



    Rainbow Lake
    Another nice lunch view with Chief

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