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    We are having issues with the old 2020 Gathering thread; some posts aren’t showing so we have started a new thread!

    Old thread here:

    FLYLIFE Forum Gathering 2020



    It is interesting and perhaps appropriate to note that Mr. Mod has also now blown up this thread, albeit deliberately this time.

    It is safe to say that after twelve days of Gathering commitments I am just a tad weary. However, I do have to make the observation, that it is unlikely that anyone else has enjoyed themselves any more than myself. I do owe a few serious thank you votes along the way however. First off will have to be Robin, who had so many Forumites occupying so many spare rooms on so many different nights, that it became a challenge to understand and manage. There were some immaculately timed bail outs in there by her as well. Then there are all the crew that helped with the set up and pack up of our operational area in the party paddock. Redders of course, did sterling work as 2IC and is a tremendous man for anyone to have as backup. I seriously doubt it could have been done anywhere near as well, without that level head ticking away in plain view.

    So Thank you to everyone involved. It was a good team effort and I certainly learned a lot along the way. It was a genuine privilege to help make the 2020 Gathering the unique experience it was.

    Texas Bar-B-Que and Dinner suits… it simply had to work

    Cheers … Jimmy




    Many sincere thanks to Jimmy for pulling together a fantastic Gathering. Sterling Effort mate. The Texan BBQ was gold! More importantly, it was great to see the lads.

    Also, many thanks to Woody and Steve for lugging me around for a fish. These guys (and others) were great company and anglers to spend time with on the water.

    As usual the Tasmanian lakes don’t give up their trout easily but we managed to get a few to preserve some cred. I was most happy – fished some good dun hatches on Penstock and finally saw a jassid!




    mitch aka 2 fish

    penstock, after my first dry fly cast…

    “well this is terribly exciting isn’t it?”





    ps. I went around the table one night and realised that with the exception of nog I’ve fished (at least once) with everyone there. and your chances are fewer as these gatherings go on… unless you like fishing in 15min blocks.



    Nog isn’t real and he’s never caught a fish



    Noisiest stream phantom around is our Nog…


    Stephen Hill

    It was a good time. Well done Jimmy. You hosted like a boss.


    Stephen Hill




    What another fantastic Gathering 👍🏻
    Thanks very much to Jimmy for all his organization,Stephen for guiding us on the Meander,Chief for helping me make it to Tassie after too long an absence,Warnsey for always choosing the river bank or lake shore that had no fish and all you other yobbos  for sharing a beer,coffee or laugh throughout the trip.




    A week too late. We could have been stuck in Tassie fishing for the next 6 months.



    At least now a person might be able to fish Botsford once again without the fear of being trampled by a herd/mob/gaggle of Vicos… but only for another 5 weeks.

    Hmmm… come to think of it some of my best mates are Vics. This could cost me some beers for sure.

    This is getting weird though and a bit threatening, farewell tourist economy… it has been fun though.

    Timing is everything.   Jimmy



    Jimmy when we do come there will be an explosion.  Better extend the ranch while you are waiting 👍



    Back home at last and Ray and I would also like to thank Jimmy for a stirling effort at Deloraine.Our adventure had continued on to St.Helens and Georgetown. Not alot of fishing opportunities but we did spot some trout just downstream from St.Columba Falls (of course,no fly rod!), I spooked a trout as we approached the North George River at Pyengana,an interesting stream still flowing quite fast after the rain,but no-one had mentioned the willows! We need to practice bow and arrow casting. The final thrill (at Georgetown) was hooking a stingray for a brief moment,it had taken the scud fly and my 2wt and 5x tippet were no match,but a bend in the rod none the less.

    All that remains to be said is bring on 2021, are we up for the challenge?




    Hi Jimmy,

    sorry for the late notice but I don’t think I will be able to get to Deloraine for the 2020 gathering.

    Honestly, i should have thrown out an apology earlier (clearly) but once I knew I was not going to be able to make it I didn’t want to even think about how much of a blast everyone will be having, while I’m still in Victoria not fishing.

    From Redders accounts you laid on an awesome event & he had an absolute ball, yet again.

    I will need to redeem myself and bring the tastiest steak I can find for the steak sangas I will be cooking up for Warnsey at Jindabyne  in 2021.

    hope to see you all there.



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