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    Right now I’m flicking through a printed copy of the Autumn edition of FlyLife, so they should be getting into the mail system some time this week.
    Feature articles include Trout Spey basics (Morse), a controller’s view of the recent World Championships, the Eucumbene River (before the fires!), gourmet trout foods, bubble line fishing, and NZ’s Lake Otamangakau.
    Beyond trout waters we look at Moreton Bay, the Pilbara Coast, East Cape York, coal country saratoga, and estuary paddle-board fishing.
    If that’s not enough, our travel department includes trophy Canadian brook trout and monster Gabonese tarpon.




    Yes we all make mistakes, and I know all about the famous Muphry’s Law of Editing.
    You will need to read Steve Dally’s column in the mag and my Last Gasp to realise what I am referring to, but this little picture comes to mind. Not sure who is to blame but in a kids book, this would be hard to live with!



    . . .  in a kids book, this would be hard to live with!

    What, peeling one’s banana three ways?  We are aware that four (4) ways is the norm, but three’s ok, surely? 😉 😃

    Kids should be encouraged to exercise their independence.

    A well ginned Mitta 😂


    Stephen Hill

    One, two, three, four, five, oh wait. 🥴

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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