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    Yes, the Spring edition of FlyLife is scheduled for the mail system today and should start getting out to subscribers this week. On sale date is the 31st.
    It includes everything from young punks (Youth Academy) and Euro-nymphing to secret waters (Melbourne) and hidden huts (NZ). Also some Western Lakes insights (Right Place, Right Time) and reflections on the World FF Championship scene (Pawson’s Legacy).
    On the salty side we delve into Fiordland, tackle flathead, and look at the benefits of heavier rods on the flats.
    We also profile Top End guide Graeme Williams, and venture to Sabah, Borneo.
    Plenty there for everyone to absorb, so please enjoy…



    My office (shed) postal copy has arrived in the Coal Valley here in southern Tas so hopefully they are finding homes in Vic and NSW?



    Mine arrived in Lara yesterday . Haven’t looked at it yet as Water Colour has been keeping me occupied.



    Mine arrived in Brisbane on Wednesday……another great read and excellent photography.



    Another excellent edition.

    Good to see Beevor in there with the Western Lakes story…

    Taruarau brings back memories – although it was I different stretch to where Mark and I fished.

    It was great to be able to write about Graeme Williams. Like the story with Herb, there is always a lot to learn from the characters in the sport.

    I have one or two ideas for some non-standard articles – hard part is getting them through Rob!!

    On a personal note, I have managed to clock up 10 FL articles – where does the time go? Should you get a invite to morning tea at FlyLife HQ when you hit 10 articles?? Just grateful to be a small part of a great magazine.


    mitch aka 2 fish

    whereas it’s just as rewarding flicking through the magazine and saying to my girls…

    … he’s my mate.
    … I fished with that fella.
    … do you remember him?
    … he’s also my mate.
    … I know him.
    … I fished there as well.
    … there’s a fella I owe money to.
    … he thinks your dad’s a dickhead.

    the list goes on.

    well done,



    Sometimes a “like” is needed s:up



    Thanks for the feedback Tocs, and your contributions are greatly appreciated. Anything ‘non-standard’ sounds intriguing to me…
    Re feedback, and so much of it :???, maybe the word hasn’t got out that Kristy Booth -Lark of Killara Distillery is keen to pick up where her father left off in sponsoring Backcasts, and there is talk of some Apothecary Gin for starters… s:up

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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