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    Interested in trying my hand at making some rods, maybe a 7’6″ to 9′ 2-3 wt, and possibly a 10′ 6wt.
    Heard great things about CTS, MHX.
    Seen bargain FUSH (rebadged CTS) blanks for sale but in 7-8wt, (not sure where i’d ever use them…).

    Interested to see if anyone had forgotten or ignored spare blanks, & bit & pieces for sale?



    I built a 5wt MHX rod for my brother a few years ago. Very nice medium fast actioned rod. Yuo can ge tthe blank for about $200 form rodworks here in oz.

    I have a CTS Affinity MX5wt as well, super nice rod but more exxy than the MHX ~$400.


    Or just buy a cheap blank off fleabay and experiment

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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