Flies & Fly Tying Fly fishing weekend for women with breast cancer

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    Peter Gibson

    Have had a couple of enquiries asking what is happening about this event which FlyLife Forum members have made an extraordinary contribution to over the past 2 years.

    It’s usually held at start of the trout season but because of COVID-19 uncertainties it has been postponed to 13th March 2021.

    I’ll send out some reminder posts later in the year but generally each fly tier contributes say 15 flies. In the past I’ve asked for them to be a set of 15 flies of the same pattern…these get distributed into the 15 boxes so that every woman gets an identical set. However to make it a bit easier this time, anyone who wants to tie a random set, even if fewer than 15, would be very welcome, and we’ll just distribute the flies amongst the boxes.

    More info later, but start putting a few flies aside whenever you get a chance. As in the past they should be sent to me: Peter Gibson, PO Box 537, Paddington, NSW 2021. Feel free to include a note to the girls…the personal notes that have accompanied the flies in the past have had a huge impact on the girls.

    Pic below to remind everyone of our past efforts.


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    Peter Gibson

    Update on this event: got a message from Laurie Muldoon, who organises this event every year at Ebor. They have decided to skip this year due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 arrangements, especially considering the risk that some of that girls might be taking while their immune systems are somewhat compromised. So it is now scheduled for November 2021. I’ll post again when we get closer to the date.

    Regards Peter



    Peter, thanks for the update.  It’s a pity that the event can’t go ahead, but completely understandable.  The ladies’ immune system would comprised enough just in relation to the common cold and influenza viruses, and other bugs.  CoV-2 is a much nastier virus.  I’ll have a supply of Pot Scrubbers ready for 2021.

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