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    Okay well if the first step to recovery is recognition and admission. I have a fly box problem.

    Every season i clear out the vest in some sort of attempt to travel lighter on the water and stare dumbfounded at the stack of boxes i lug around. There is the caddis box, mayfly box, generic and terrestrials box, nymph box, wet fly box, streamers box and the small flies for fussy sippers box.IMG_2836

    Even my twig rig C&F lanyard thingy, whilst something of a victory in travelling light, still contains a squillion more patterns and flies than I’d ever use.

    So then how many boxes do you carry for a normal day out on the water?

    Is fly box anxiety an issue we need foundations and help lines for?



    Chris Beech

    Depends on what sort of water…


    Trout stream… 3 or 4 small to medium C&F boxes. One nymph box (has a leaf insert), a general dry box (for Vic and Tas streams) and then a special box (or two) usually for Hopper time or if in NZ.

    Trout lakes – same nymph box, the same general box and a box of wets.


    Native freshwater – 2. Have culled down to maybe 8 fly patterns in a few sizes and colours.

    Saltwater flats – on foot, one or two boxes. In a boat, one to three, but my boat box is large.

    Saltwater inshore – just one boat box.


    Plus several Plano boxes in the den which I pick from depending on the trip.


    You see? We have the same virus!Resized_20191201_070945_5975

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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