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    I am so pleased the latest issue of Flylife had an article by David Anderson that has solved an issue that I thought was something I was struggling with on my own- and it has a name! (And an acronym! ). FSFOMO !

    For some time I have tried the minimalist approach to stocking my fly boxes but it ended with failure as the boxes just bred and the essential flies I needed seem to grow, stashed in the sling pack , vest or bum bag with the box of woolly buggers that like Dave, I also seem not to be able to leave behind! Honestly it was like Dave was writing the article looking over my shoulder?

    He has renewed my confidence  as I go on my latest chapter of the minimalist journey with the purchase of a chest pack with the idea of scaling down my fly choices-(thought I had it worked out but he has now given me some more ideas),  it only holds 220 odd flies so how hard can that be? It is always good when  an article has relevance to your fishing journey- and hopefully helps that journey to become easier!

    Well done on a great article and a great magazine as always. Cheers Lando




    Just beware the backpack that a chest pack allows…. just saying.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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