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    Looking for recommendations on a beginner combo to get starting with in an area with mostly small rivers.

    1.) Airflow Vector Package:
    * Exo Fly Reel
    * Velocity WF fly line
    * Backing
    * Rod Tube

    2.) Okuma Airframe Large Arbor 4/6 Graph Reel
    with a
    Taimer XTCII No.6 Fly Rod

    3.) Airflo Apex Package
    Lightweight Fly Lab EXO reel
    Airflo Velocity fly line worth

    4.) Redington Package:


    -CROSSWATER reel

    -pre-spooled  with RIO Mainstream WF fly line


    Many thanks in advance.




    Your interpretation of small rivers could be different than mine. Airflo Apex combo looks like a good beginners setup. It will be a descent back up rod too in my opinion.

    Okuma plastic fly reel is below par, would not recommend.  I have one for fly line spooling.



    mitch aka 2 fish

    a future resale value will fall towards redington…



    I am not too worried about resale at this stage as I will probably hang onto this set up for a bit. Just looking for the combo that will best help me progress without breaking the bank 🙂



    Any decent fly shop will give you guidance on a rod/reel/line combination that will suit the waters you wish to fish.

    Rod brands like Airflo, Primal, TFO, Redington etc are all good entry level rods. Weight Forward lines from RIO, Scientific Angler & Airflo will help your casting progress and therefore your fishing enjoyment quicker than a no name brand. Good lines can make average rods perform better.

    As far as reels go on small streams, you only need a line holding device and no need for anything with a good drag. As long as the reel is sturdy enough and stops line running off the reel when pulling more line whilst casting.

    My tip is set a budget, then ring one of the Fly Shops that sponsor the Forum and FlyLife, tell them where you will be fishing. They will tailor an outfit to fit your needs and within a realistic budget.

    The biggest trap I see with anglers getting into the sport is they buy an outfit at KMart etc for basement prices and struggle with the outfit. After a while they toss it and give up, or end up spending double to get a reasonable outfit and start all over again on the journey.




    Awesome advice. Thank you.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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