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    Greg French

    I enjoyed all the articles in Number 96: I don’t know how Rob keeps fostering such good authors. I honestly feel embarrassed about highlighting superb work above other superb work, but what I really liked about this issue was the way so many authors were pushing boundaries.

    I love anything that encourages unrepresented subsets of the fishing community to get out on the water, so it’s hardly surprising that I enjoy articles written by women. But wow, Kami, you can really write. (Nick, I hope you don’t feel your writing is underappreciated, but if it’s any consolation that photo on page 41 is proof that you can really cast. What a shot.)

    I thought ‘Time for Tilda’ was just gorgeous, and I hope that it encourages parents of young children to spend more time outdoors. I know that when our children were very young they didn’t stop Frances and me from fishing and backpacking. Our son, Tom, was just three weeks old when we first took him to Lake Belcher in Mt Field.

    In the same vein, I also appreciated the ‘Derwent Bream’ article. Thanks Peter for reminding complacent locals of what lies on their doorstep (literally in some cases).

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