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    gday folks

    I’m about to start another epic fly rod kit build .  Just wondering if 5 and 15 min epoxy has a life span ?

    I still have quiet a bit of epoxy left from my first rod build but it would be a couple of years old now . Not sure if I should try use it up or go with the new stuff supplied in my kit.  I’ve opened the tubs and it still looks ok to me but I’m no expert

    cheers Jim



    Hi Jim, I’m also no expert, but yes, epoxy does have a lifespan.

    It still works OK, but one part of it gets progressively thicker, especially at the bottom of the container, and it eventually forms hard lumps, at which point I throw it out.

    Sounds like yours is still OK. I would use it, but then I am a known tightarse. If you have any doubts, just check if there are any major differences in viscosity between the old and the new stuff (stir it around). Also have a look at differences in colour and translucency between the two batches. Some epoxies can go opaque and yellow with age, doesn’t look so good.



    Cheers for that info mate .

    I’m no real tight ass (when it comes to fly fishing)  BUT i do hate wasting things . Think I will run with the new stuff just for piece of mind. I’m sure I can use my older stuff around the house one day for fixing up something . Probably something that the kids have broken !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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