FlyLife Forum Help & Digital Deleted post in Classifieds??? Please explain?

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    Can anyone please explain to me why my latest post in the Classifieds has been deleted??? and when I tried to re post it was deleted again??

    I have no explanation and don’t know how to contact a moderator or administrator – Only thing I could find marked my title as Spam?? Post had been up for a day, and two items had been sold, Im at a loss for an explanation…



    You may have provided links to banned sites in your ad


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    Or editing your post after a few minutes. Apparently one method of introducing spam into forum posts (on ANY forum, not just FlyLife) is to perform an edit after an initial post has been approved by moderators etc. consequently, posts on some forums (including this one) are sent to a spam folder when edited beyond a certain time frame (or possibly edited several times).



    And here is me thinking I was the Guru in respect of blowing up any important or well considered post, or once an entire thread.

    I was gun shy for weeks and used to close my eyes tightly just before hitting the  SUBMIT button.

    Nice work Brightwater


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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