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    Jared Klein

    Hey Guys,

    Been as normal climbing the walls during closed season so thought i would go for a scout in the Canberra region.

    Checked a quite a few rivers including Paddys river, Gudgenby river, Naas river and Orroral river.

    I was completely blown away by the amazing quality of water i was coming accross and this gos for ever location.

    The streams were flowing great, water qauilty looked gin clear and river bed structures looked good.

    I grew up in canberra but it was the days before google maps so only ever knew of the cotter as productive trout waters in the ACT.

    So my question is what is the go with these river? Are they productive? I have never heard anything about them but this has left me scratch my head in confusion as what i saw looked so amazing. Cant find anything around stocking location in the ACT to indacate fish numbers

    Would love some feedback around weahter i should decicate some serious time this season to the area.

    Cheers in advance,





    Just a heads up. There is currently a Canberra article in prep for FlyLife with a good round-up on recent fishing. I would definitely suggest giving it a go this season.


    Jared Klein




    Hey Jared,

    I’ve started exploring the creeks around ACT again in the past couple of years. I agree a lot of them have picked up recently, some of them you will need to be pretty keen on hiking into though. There are areas that have fished pretty well last season and I’m looking forward to the exploring new areas again this year.

    The Cotter River for example saw a lot (by comparison) of anglers when travel was restricted due to COVID but you would still catch a few if you were willing to move away from the main access points. Plenty of blackberry bush to get caught up in too!

    Some sections of the waterways in ACT are classified as prohibited for fishing, check out the ACT Government website, they have a good fact sheet that outlines the regs. It does mean some of the areas that would be good fishing are off limits but in the long run only goes to assist with a healthy environment.

    Although they are considered small water and can at times be frustrating to find fish they are great fun to spend some time on and you are often rewarded with fish to the net.



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