Conserve & Manage Brumbies in KNP

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    OK, so we’re off again with another Petition and I’ve send a request to all the usual suspects.Just tell me one thing,why is there a prerequisite to have a NSW address when this is a NATIONAL Park? In closing,here’s a thought…in lieu of leaving the carcasses for the Feral cats and Wild dogs,how about the powers that be harvest the animals for Pet Food with suitable labelling on the cans indicating all profits to go towards rehabilitation of the Park?

    Stand by to repel boarders and Merry Christmas to all…



    I’m guessing it’s a petition to State Parliament, therefore the NSW resident requirement.
    I’d be happy to sign if there were provision for interested interstate parties.


    Yes Its a state petition, so you need to give NSW address, if you visited from interstate give your NSW accomodation address, maybe something like Snowgoose Hotel ,Adaminaby

    E Petition needs more signatures Now!

    Dear Fly Fishers

    Please see message from Linda Groom, from Reclaim Kosci.

    “We are running another petition, as we did in 2018/9, to tell the government that a delay of now nearly 3 years in producing a feral horse management plan is too long. But petitions now have a mandatory 3 month life and we are running out of time to reach our 20,000 signature target by the deadline of 13 January, so every bit of help is much appreciated. “

    Thank you members who did participate before but they seem to be still requiring some votes. Your help would be appreciated.

    The link is below. but you will need to be able to give a NSW address.

    The petition is here







    As our ePetition to protect Kosciuszko from feral horses comes down to the wire we have important news to share.

    This morning the NSW Government released the 2020 feral horse population estimate for Kosciuszko National Park and guess what?

    It confirms what we’ve said all along: too many horses are threatening the fragile wetlands and wildlife of the irreplaceable Kosciuszko National Park and we’re calling on the NSW Parliament to stop the damage.

    In the past 24 hours more than 5000 people have joined the fight to save Kosci from the burgeoning feral horse population.

    If all of our supporters can ask 5 family members or friends from NSW to sign, we still have time to reach 20,000 signatures by midnight tonight and force the NSW Parliament to properly debate the need to protect Kosciuszko’s sensitive habitats and wildlife from a damaging, introduced species.

    Will you please call on your friends and family to join us and 14,000 others by signing the petition to protect Kosciuszko?

    The updated 2020 feral horse estimate puts Kosci’s horse population at around 14,000, concluding with 95% confidence that there are at least 9000 feral horses in the park and as many as 22,000!

    In a surprise turn of events NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro told the Sydney Morning Herald “We must reduce the number of brumbies, whether it’s down to 600, 1000, or 3000,” adding that there are parts of the park that “should have zero horses”.

    The Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act introduced by the Deputy Premier more than two years ago has been a huge distraction to horse management in Kosciuszko and the numbers game has well and truly reached its expiration date.

    We’ve lost valuable time and 2020 horse count confirms that every year you wait, the scale of the problem increases.

    We welcome this morning’s news that Mr Barilaro has acknowledged the 2020 horse count and the need to act.

    Together we can seize this opportunity to encourage the NSW Parliament to step up now to protect and restore nature.

    Sign petition HERE … 9GrpxUGQ==

    Please sign the petition by midnight tonight to let the NSW Parliament know you support a reduction in horse numbers for the health of Kosciuszko National Park and please ask all your friends and family to sign.

    Yours for Kosci,
    Candice and Linda

    P.S You can read the SMH article online, our full response to the 2020 horse count is in our press release and you can download the full technical report on the 2020 horse count from the NSW Government’s website.

    Save our Kosciuszko home from feral horses, sign the petition:

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    Received this at 12.14 am….

    This is an automatically generated email from the NSW Legislative Assembly.The ePetition “Save Kosciuszko National Park from feral horse impacts” has closed for signatures and has been presented in the Legislative Assembly by Dr Joe McGirr.



    “More than 10,000 feral horses will be removed from the Kosciuszko National Park within six years under a new management plan introduced by the NSW government.” SMH

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