Conserve & Manage Brumbies in KNP

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    Peter Gibson


    Prof Watson is a savage. Good on him, future generations will be truly flabbergasted by this political non-evidence based decisions.



    Hi Fisher Folks,

    Here is a  NSW pre-election summary of the various parties standing on this issue.

    Prepared by the Reclaim Kosci conservation group

    My apologies for the garbled layout,

    please keep scrolling down, most of the links are live.


    NSW Kosciuszko feral horse party policies revealed


    Tuesday 19 March 2019


    The results of a NSW party questionnaire on Kosciuszko National Park feral horse policies have been analysed, with some surprising results.

    NSW political party policies for feral horse management in Kosciuszko National Park.

    The Invasive Species Council, on behalf of Reclaim Kosci, has reviewed the policies of the major political parties contesting the 2019 NSW election and analysed their responses to a questionnaire. Here’s what we found.

    The NSW Greens – Rating: EXCELLENT – have listened to Australia’s best scientific experts in regards to the destructive impacts of feral horses and structured their policies accordingly. They unveiled a strong feral horse control policy as part of their $200 million increase in funding for invasive species and committed to a humane, professional cull to reduce feral horses numbers in Kosciuszko National Park by 90% over three years.

    The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party – Rating: FAIR – have committed to repealing the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act and following the original 2016 Kosciuszko National Park Draft Wild Horse Management Plan. This plan was created by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in consultation with scientists and stakeholders. It was considered a compromise, allowing a heritage horse herd of 600 to remain in the park, achieved after 20 years of feral horse control that would include ground shooting and rehoming.

    NSW Labor – Rating: FAIR – has produced a six-point plan to manage horses in Kosciuszko National Park that includes repealing the Wild Horse Heritage Act, implementing a plan similar to the 2016 Draft Kosciuszko Wild Horse Management Plan and repairing mountain catchment damage. Labor will seek to rehome horses outside the park and does not specify other control methods to be used except to rule our aerial shooting. It is good that Labor will repeal the Wild Horse Heritage Act and their commitment to the 2016 plan is positive.

    The NSW Nationals – Rating: POOR – have continued to support a ridiculous law that prioritises the protection of a feral animal over our own native and endangered species. The party who introduced the heritage horse act has failed to respond to Reclaim Kosci’s request for information. Their scorecard results were based on verbal commitments made by Nationals Party leader John Barilaro. The Coalition’s ‘heritage’ horse management plan is not supported by scientists, makes unbelievable claims about reducing horse numbers and will rely on rehoming, an impractical method for lowering the horse population.

    The Animal Justice Party – Rating: VERY POOR – has ruled out any lethal forms of feral horse control. They agree that horses are impacting on the environment and native wildlife but hope to control numbers using fertility control, with relocation a last resort. While the Animal Justice Party ideals may be admirable, they are completely unrealistic. The science shows fertility control will not work in Kosciuszko National Park. The area is too large and rugged for the technology to be effective. We need real solutions, right now.

    More info

    Authorised by Andrew Cox, 88b Station St, Fairfield Vic. Responsibility for any electoral comment is taken by the Invasive Species Council. This information does not necessarily represent the views of any other organisation or person.




    About Reclaim Kosci

    In June 2018 the NSW Government turned Australia into a global laughing stock when it passed legislation protecting destructive feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park, locking in ongoing degradation of sensitive alpine habitats, fragile waterways and threatening native plants and animals.

    Overturning the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act – which should be called the Kosciuszko Destruction Act – is essential for protecting our fragile alpine region.

    Reclaim Kosci is led by the Invasive Species Council and supported by the National Parks Association of the ACT, National Parks Association of NSW, Colong Foundation for Wilderness and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.



    Learn more




    Hi Fisher Folks,

    And a good deal more succinctly

    Prepared by the Reclaim Kosci conservation group,




    You sit on the fence,you get a sore arse…get horses out of this and any other National Park,and don’t give me that heritage crap…with a population growth of 20% a year there’s probably 10,000 of these feral animals in Kosciuszko alone.Another reason to vote this current government out.



    The KNP Brumbies, post election status

    from Reclaim Kosci bulletin

    What a rollercoaster of a week!

    The Liberal-National coalition, who supported implementing the destructive Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act have won the NSW election over the weekend.

    NSW Nationals leader and Deputy premier John Barilaro has committed to an immediate 50% reduction of feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park.

    Pre-election Mr Barilaro told the public, “Let’s get on with the reduction, to try and aim for a 50 per cent reduction immediately”.

    Invasive Species Council CEO Andrew Cox said “Ahead of the election, Mr Barilaro made a commitment to remove half of all feral horses from Kosciuszko National Park. As per his promise to the people of Monaro and New South Wales, we are expecting him to deliver on this immediately.

    “The time for excuses and delays is over. Mr Barilaro must make good on his promise and outline how and when feral horse removal will be done.”

    The Invasive Species Council has released a post-election media release demanding Barilaro urgently outline how he will fulfil this feral horse reduction here >>

    We will continue to hold the NSW government to account and ensure that this is an issue that can not be buried. Kosciuszko National Park is unique, full of fragile and spectacular landscapes and ecosystems. Our natural heritage is inclusive of the wetlands, endangered native plants and animals and should not be allowed to be destroyed by feral horses. If you haven’t already make sure to sign our online petition. Call on the NSW government to protect Kosciuszko National Park from destructive feral horses and put in place effective and humane feral horse control methods.



    And a bit more on Kosci brumby numbers here,
    The graph records sightings, its not a census. but the trajectory is clear



    Peter Elks

    Some years back now there was a helicopter  shoot /cull in the remote gorge country  on the Guy Fawkes River (Nth NSW) well  below  Ebor .

    This  cull was an utter disgrace as the horses were not all  clean killed and  far to many were left injured or partly incapacitated  from the shoot and were  left to die in whatever time frame their injuries dictated.

    Please don’t get me wrong here, as I do support totally managing such issues , so the point I make here, is then for the supporters of such culls  to ensure /monitor that such culls do not copy the Guy Fawkes example .




    Peter Gibson

    There have been a number of reports on the Guy Fawkes Cull over the years that disprove the idea that “far to many were left injured or partly incapacitated  from the shoot and were  left to die in whatever time frame their injuries dictated.”

    For example:


    Peter Elks

    Hi Peter Gibson,

    Much of this Guy Fawkes area is not inspectable or assessable  as indicated in the report, and there are many areas where the choppers cannot  even land!  so I really wonder as to how an examiner could possible examine all the kills and injuries ??  over the complete kill area because its simply impossible for that to happen due to the areas rugged terrain?.

    Apart from this there are several long term station  families /managers  backing on to this area  and it is their unbiased observations that that tell a completely different story to the report you seem to willingly to accept.

    I again simply repeat my closing comments from the above post…..

    “Please don’t get me wrong here, as I do support totally managing such issues , so the point I make here, is then for the supporters of such culls  to ensure /monitor that such culls do not copy the Guy Fawkes example .”








    And there is a meeting next week in Sydney, connect with the Reclaim Koscie folks.

    Details here


    And now the Brumbies head back to parliament
    Save Kosci petition, protest and debate in Sydney

    Thursday 22 August, 1:20 – 5:00pm | Parliament of New South Wales, 6 Macquarie Street Sydney
    More than 12,000 people signed a petition calling to repeal the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act and the debate is now going to happen!
    There will be multiple events throughout the day including the rally and live debate. Some of the events have limited seats so please make sure to RSVP for each event you would like to attend.
    Finds out more and RSVP

    And a bit more from the Snowy Mtns feral brumbies NSW parliamentary debate (from the NPA bulletin)
    Parliament voted against accepting the petition.
    Reclaim Kosci     Update
    “Repealing the Act is    straightforward. We do need to restore a sensible plan. There are too many   horses, the park is being destroyed and the damage being done can no longer    be ignored. We will work with the Minister; the Minister will work with the  people. Let us get this done, let us repeal this Act. I commend this     petition to the House.”  That is part of  Member for Blue     Mountains, Trish Doyle’s speech from last Thursday’s debate on     the Kosciuszko     Wild Horse Heritage Act. The debate took place thanks     to more than 12,000 people who signed a petition calling for the Act     to be repealed.

    NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean also committed to the establishment     of a scientific advisory committee to audit the Act based on     scientific evidence.

    Read the full debate here from Hansard



    And a nice short film more on the feral horses here from Save Kosci


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