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    I May I will be working for a week in Nowra

    I have heard that there are trout streams near Braidwood (the Mongarlowe)

    Can any shed any light on these?



    I’ve got a friend who lives in Braidwood and I’ve always been tempted to fish the local rivers but never had. If I remember correctly they can’t stock the rivers with browns due to some frog species so they only stock rainbows which don’t do so well with the heat. I’ve had success on the Badja which can be accessed along the unsealed road from Braidwood to Cooma but is some drive away. Good luck – hope you can get a few.



    FWIW I’ve fished the Shoalhaven River that the Mongarlowe flows in to at the warri bridge near Braidwood and while it looked like a mint piece of water, I didn’t see any trout. This wasn’t on fly mind you and a few years ago now. I did catch a very big eel though which could explain the lack of fish.

    I’m also sure you are aware but Braidwood isn’t exactly next door to Nowra, I reckon you’d be better off heading down to St. Georges basin and chasing some flatties and whiting on the flats there, as far as bang for your buck goes if you know what I mean.



    The Shoalhaven is a seriously good bass river. My experience is limited to Coolendal with a kayak but there must be plenty of other options.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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