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    Great article on the Bow and Arrow !
    I’ve used the end of the fly line as the hold point since reading Georges Daniels book and its a great technique , but the Roll Cast by Bow and Arrow is completely new to me and looks a great addition to the casting armament . Thanks v.much Brad for sharing .
    I find that though I cast right handed I always hold the rod with my left when Bow&Arrowing and have the line in my right ( I’ll assume Tim Wright in the pics is the same ) but then I have to swap back if I hookup as I can’t yet play a fish with my left holding the rod nor manage the line with my right hand.
    Its a bit of a conundrum as I’ve almost never got a fish onto the reel in places where I’m Bow&Arrowing and have to play them by hand , and often with the short distances the take is nearly instantaneous causing a few seconds of panicked hand swapping while trying to keep the line tight and and the fish away from structure .
    Any solutions anyones come up with?Or is it just practice practice practice.



    Thanks for the feedback Chris.

    I’m discovering that the Bow Roll Cast is new to most people. It is a beauty though where trees grow low right across a pool and a normal roll cast isn’t possible. I have one project fish in just such a spot, which is how I was compelled to merge the two techniques.

    I now hold the rod with either hand and switch depending on which plane of fly/line travel will work the best for me in the given situation. Generally with close quarters fishing I don’t use the reel, so can strip with either hand to control line. I don’t give them much slack either as it’s often pretty snaggy and I like to take the fight to the fish, Morsie-style.

    Yes, practice is good, and it’s one cast you CAN practice at home inside šŸ™‚



    There may be another side to the Bow and Arrow cast. I recall reading about it in the early 1980s and I briefly used it while being guided at a very nice fly fishing resort in Idaho. My guide said nothing as I used this cast to negotiate around low overhanging trees and extensive bushes.

    However, when we returned to the lodge at the end of the day, I saw the guide speaking with the owner/manager. Later, after dinner, I was taken aside and politely asked not to use the bow and arrow cast again. The owner explained that it was a rather low class way to fish and that it was not something they would like at the resort. While I was rather surprised at this and still think it was an over-reaction, I am now of the opinion that this gimmicky casting is not too far removed from fly fishing with sonic lures equipped with treble hooks. Yes, the cast works – but it is without grace or elegance. Of course, this is just my opinion.

    Harry Melkonian
    Vaucluse NSW

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