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    Hi All,

    In a car park conversation on the Steavo yesterday with a kind local, the topic of favourite flies came up.  Mention of ‘Black Simple’ or Black and simple’ for the local rivers.

    Is this a variant of the black spinner?

    Looking for some further tying projects over winter, and love to get some ideas.


    Cheers, GC


    Phoenix Bird


    My guess is this refers to  a variation of a spider fly which quite often referred to ” black and ??”. Examples of this syntax would be the Black and Peacock Spider or the Black and Silver spider etc etc.

    Black and Simple may simply refer to a Black Spider with no other colour.



    Mmm…….wasn’t the Black and Decker………….sorry……silly.



    <mark></mark>my hearings not what it once was, but definitely not the B&D…
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>thanks for the lead PB</p>



    Gotta love the generous carpark conversation ! I’m sure good fishing karma comes from them .

    Blackes Upper Decker maybe … would have to be an all black flymph …Kiwi fly of course 😊

    Can’t say I’ve heard of a Black & Simple but like the name & the guessing game and would think its something close to Stewarts spider .

    Fwiw I’ve always liked little cdc flymph’s on the Steavo when they’re sipping (and at this time of year I’m sure it was something on the surface only for the Rainbows the friendly local was talking about )



    I’ll add some further context, the discussion was about favourite place to fish, most reliable and suggestion was the Goulburn river.  And for sure fishingvtrout the (very) small black wet fly (maybe the black and simple) worked well  . And in a pinch it could be fished as a dry with some false casting…




    ‘Black and simple’


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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