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    Really enjoyed and was enlightened by Rick Keam’s article in #91.
    The article joined all the dots very well, not things I didnt know or had not noticed, just connected all these things together in a way that became a “oh yeah” moment.

    Best quote: “Classic hackle dry flies have pretensions to be ballerinas, but in the end they are flat-footed belly floppers.”

    Could be used to describe some fly fishers I know.



    Have always been impressed with Rick’s knowledge on any subject he gets involved in. Just happens to be one of Australia’s most innovative fly tiers as well.



    And Trevor Foon had really worked with him on those images too!
    All my go-to dries seem to be parachute hackles these days and I would love to hear more from Rick about them.
    I bet he’s not a fan of these prickly modern genetic hackles that are wound on ad infinitum. Can certainly spin and ruin the posture of a good parachute fly in my view. Give me old henny hackles any day…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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