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    Has anyone used the Barrio lines?

    especially the small stream one?




    I have been using Barrio floating fly lines for nearly 3 years now and I am a repeat customer.

    I have been using the Barrio GL90 and the SLX fly lines  each in  #5 and #6  weights for Lake and Estuary fly fishing here in Victoria. I have found both lines to be well suited for these situations.

    The GL90 is a ‘distance’ casting line with a taper that enables a decent amount of line to be aerialised.

    The SLX has a ‘Spey’ tapper but is equally  at home with overhead casting; this line which can load relatively quickly and is useful where  there is less room for back-casting. I also use this line with Trout Polyleaders.

    These lines do not come with loops and so I have also purchased the Roman Moser braided loops along with the fly lines. The Barrio website provides a useful instruction as to how to best install the braided loops. I have been happy with these braided loops as they are easy to install and have never failed me .

    From my reading of the product details  of the Small Stream fly line it appears to be made for smaller waters and has a short head (of 24 feet)  designed to load relatively quickly.

    From my use of these lines l regard them to be  of a high quality  and good value for one’s money.






    that’s helpful. Michael



    I fish a 4wt small stream on my 7’6″ CTS glass. In fact I fished it on the Tapongo today. Lovely line. Shoots easily which makes it great in tight spots. Rolls casts well also. It cops a beating on these streams, getting stood on, caught up and dragging over rocks and it still holds up well. Tip is prone to sinking in very turbulent water but its no big deal. Quality lines for sure.



    I use mikes smallstream on my cts glass 7ft in 4wt,shortcasts in the fishing zone works well



    Have friends in Scotland who are all converts to these lines.

    They reckon value for money equation they can’t be beaten.




    I’m going to give the 3 wt a go.


    Bradys Lake

    Excellent lines I used a Barrio for all of my practice pre CCI test for many months, it got a pounding but came through with flying colours.




    Well I’ve been using the 2-wt line for the past two weeks on very small creeks and it m very happy with the line so far.



    I have a number of these lines -they are decent for the money but all seem to hold memory and are prone to line twist.


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