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    Would anyone be interested in a gathering , either a couple of days on a river somewhere or maybe just a day in Melbourne somewhere.
    please leave a comment if you’re interested and what your preference would be.



    I’d be fairly certain there would be some interest in Melbourne/Victoria ( as you seem to be wanting to gauge ) with the usual caveats on ease of dropping by for an afternoon versus being somewhere with fishing opportunity.

    Of note Cressy Cane has been running succesfully for a number of years each Autumn in Tassie , along with Nick Taransky’s rodmaking classes , which I’d highly recommend .

    From memory VFFA used to have a cane day at the Fairfield casting pool about this time of year and must still have some members with a strong interest ( I did go a couple of times ). Also Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club had a Cane get together for a while a few years ago with input from members of this forum( which I never made it to ) .

    Myself , time is scarce for a few more years yet , and I follow what I can with interest  , but actual attendance is rare .


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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