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    Hi All,

    I’m parting with my Rampage watercraft. It’s just collecting dust so somebody might as well be having fun. Can fit it in the back of the honda hatchback or on the roof. Has grab handles for easy maneuvering.  paid $1500US asking  $900 or make me a reasonable offer.  I’m in Alexandra, VIC

    The rampage is a full-size pontoon boat. Inflate it in less than two minutes with a 12 volt pump and toss it in the water. It’s that easy and you won’t sacrifice performance in the process.  It is effortless to row this boat. There are five air chambers of rigidity that knifes through whitewater. Comes with Double action hand pump, 2 side pockets, seat, carbon fiber oars, a spare set of Aluminium oars, and a motor mount. Perfect for the lakes in Tassy, Devilbend or any river you want to take it on…maybe not the Gordon but you could if you were game!
    Length: 3.2m
    Width: 1.6m
    Diameter: 40cm
    Weight:  17kgs
    Weight Capacity:   590 kg
    Frame: Frameless
    Pontoons: Bladderless
    Oars: carbon fiber
    Oar Locks: Rack & Pinion
    Seat: portable EVA



    Hi Bren, in what state are you located please?



    Sold ? Peter call me if not 0427873227

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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