Conserve & Manage Australian Trout and climate change

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    Reports of fish kills after the fires in NE Victoria and the resultant rain deluge of up to 100mm in a day.




    just got back from a trip to the upper Clarence river near Tabulam.

    the river at tabulam rose 2M in a day last weekend following a storm somewhere around Bonalbo i believe, as it looked like the water came down peacock creek according to flood gauge info.

    the water was highly turbid and there has been a fish kill with large numbers of dead mullet, i also saw a few dead catfish and 2 dead cod. no dead bass were seen.



    Not trout, but an interesting story re Tasmania’s East Coast being at the pointy end of ocean warming, with associated loss of kelp forests etc.



    DrGraham, CO2 at 400ppm is 0.04%, NOT 0.4%. The last and probably only time CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was 0.4% (4,000ppm)  was the Cambrian – Devonian Periods about 500-400 million years ago, but these data were modelled, not measured, so who really knows.





    genemartin, yes indeed, it is meant to be 0.04%.  That’s a typo by me. Thanks for spotting it.



    Good news..

    The number of climate deniers in Australia is more than double the global average, new survey finds.





    The “double” amounts to just 8% of those surveyed. We already knew the number was small (and getting smaller). The demographics are somewhat interesting, the 8% are mostly older conservative voters, but also not new.



    The clippings suggest it was hot but not that it was hotter than today. A record is expected today breaking other records set earlier this week. Data from before 1910 included.

    Berkeley Earth is science. Tony Heller videos on YouTube are not.

    Wrong! Hotter -Mildura 1906 – 124’F or 52’C look at the photo and read the temps in the clippings – lots more at very high temps such as Adelaide 127’F etc etc

    ‘authority’ – the weakest argument 😆

    Sorry Boris, you can cherry pick any data you like to make a point, but you can’t argue with Australian & global temperature averages.
    I can’t quite work out if you are taking the mickey or is there some other explanation?




    You know how it is, Gerard. When the the cold comes and cool records are broken in the northern hemisphere or even in Australia as the solar minimum gathers, it’s just weather. But another fire and drought and it’s evil AGW by CO2.

    Cherry picking  LOL

    Where’s the “hotspot” over the tropics?

    Why did the CO2 level continue to rise at the same rate when the whole world was at a Cov-19 standstill?

    AGW is a dead hypothesis – the science is settled! ROTFLMAO






    Not trout, but an interesting story re Tasmania’s East Coast being at the pointy end of ocean warming, with associated loss of kelp forests etc.


    This topic was prominent in the excellent ABC documentary “Australia’s Ocean Odyssey” just a few days ago.

    Global warming is having a big impact on Tassy freshwater fish also.






    Some interesting and alarming old data of impact of reduced rainfall on stream inflow…




    There is a “hot spot” over the tropics


    Sherwood’s work is an attempt to ‘save face’ of the embarrassing missing hotspot.

    “Who’s desperate to find the missing hot-spot? Sherwood’s new paper claims to have found it, but after years of multi-layered adjustments, and now kriging the gaps, and iteratively homogenizing, the results of the new data partly “solve” one problem while creating others. There’s no documented, physical reason for the homogenizing and there’s no new insight gained. The raw data was used by airlines, the military, and meteorologists for years, yet the suggested new results are quite different to the raw data. It’s as if we can’t even measure air temperature properly. Somehow we’ve made multivariate complex models work but not simple temperature sensors? The main problem with the old results was that they didn’t fit the models. Now, after torturing the data, they still don’t. 

    Twenty-eight million weather balloons had shown by 1999 that the key assumption in the climate models was wrong. Without feedbacks, the models only produce 1.2°C of warming with a doubling of CO2. With feedbacks the simulations ramp that up to a dangerous 3 – 4 degrees C, and water vapor was the most important feedback. It’s just no fun for the Global Worriers without it.

    No hotspot = no water vapor feedback like in the models = no danger from CO2…


    MJL wrote:

    The occurrence of hot records far exceeds that of cold records.


    Australia’s record hottest 12 month period? Not so say the Satellites

    Another round of government-funded PR went out a couple of weeks ago, across the obedient Pravda-media. It told us about another meaningless “record” that was probably not a record, and wouldn’t tell us whether man-made warming was the cause, even if it was. Not a single journalist had the wherewithal, nous or intellectual honesty to search the Internet looking for a different point of view. Though, in their defense, how could they have guessed that Prof David Karoly wouldn’t know about the UAH satellite program to measure temperatures? (It has only been running since 1979.)

    This below, are the 12 month averages over Australia by satellite. Graphed at Kens Kingdom by Ken Stewart, with no doctorate in climatology and no government funds.
    <p class=”wp-caption-text”>In the troposphere over Australia it was a hot year but not a record.</p>

    For the third time this year we’ve been hit with claims of a “hottest ever” record that doesn’t tell us anything about the climate, but does reveal a lot about the sick state of government funded science, corrupted, decrepit, and so far from being scientific it might as well be run by Greenpeace.  If the government stopped funding climate science entirely, climate […]

    Australia’s Angry Hot Summer was hot angry hype– satellites show it was average

    Lewis and Karoly 2013:  climate change is “likely” to blame for the hottest angry summer.

    Did your air-conditioner make Australia the hottest angry summer ever? Could be. If we apply mystery-black-box-techniques to data from a few sparse thermometers averaged over thousands of square kilometers we can find a “record”. If we compare that “record” to  models that are known to be wrong, voila — then the coal fired power stations heated more than just your home, they heated the whole country.

    On the other hand, if we use thousands of measurements from satellites that criss cross the nation day and night covering every corner of the land, we didn’t have a hot angry summer, we had a normal one. The Lewis and Karoly study is moot. If we caused a normal summer, is that so bad?

    The not-angry-summer is visible with no statistical analysis.
    <p class=”wp-caption-text”>According to UAH satellite measurements summer in early 2013 was not a record. Not even close.</p>
    Satellite records only go back to 1979, but to answer the question “was this the hottest ever summer” we only need records back as far as 2010.

    The peer reviewed, comprehensive, Lewis and Karoly paper does not contain the […]


    MJL wrote:

    CO2 emissions have fallen during COVID but not by enough to have a large effect on the rate of increase in the atmosphere

    Humans do Ultimate Paris Lockdown, CO2 hits record high anyway

    The new figures from the Mauna Loa Observatory show humans are irrelevant

    Despite the Ultra-Revolutionary-Carbon-Reduction-Program far beyond anything the UN has every dreamed of,  Global CO2 hit 417ppm. This is a record high since humans discovered test tubes but the 300 millionth time since life on Earth evolved.

    It shows how all plans for carbon reduction known to mankind are futile. Obviously Ecoworriers want to take that failure and do more of it.

    The world just broke a disturbing trend despite the global lockdown

    Tracey Keeling

    …the data reveals that two months of significantly reduced human activity did not make a dent in the damage we’ve done to the planet. It ultimately confirms that nothing short of wholesale systemic change will do – with the rejection of fossil fuels at the heart of that transformation.

    ”Surprised” is not the word. When the punters realize that empty streets and skies makes no difference, there could be a monumental crisis of motivation coming. Games up?

    The Scientists Just Told Us Coronavirus Won’t Save Us from Climate Change

    The National Interest

    “People may be surprised to hear that the response to the coronavirus outbreak hasn’t done more to influence CO2 […]








    Published science has found the hotspot you were asking for (3 separate papers).  Pretending it didn’t, while convenient, doesn’t make it go away.  That canard is toast.

    The satellites measure upper atmospheric temperature and we expect them to differ slightly from the surface records (where we live).  Individual years will differ but over the long term the warming trend is almost identical.  Both show warming.

    As I said.  Emissions during COVID didn’t fall by much.

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