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    Handcrafted in the traditional Vom Hofe style, these leather fly reel cases are made from genuine Australian cow hide. Each case is lined with natural Australian fleece containing lanolin to protect the reel. Hand stitching and the burnishing of edges are meticulously crafted to the highest standard. This workmanship is complimented by a silver, metal Conway buckle for ease of operation. Each case is hand polished with several layers of quality leather dressing.
    I was so impressed with the workmanship and quality that I ordered two for each of my Saracione reels (pictured). Each reel case is individually made to fit the fly reel. My Saracione reels are 3 1/4 ” in diameter. Prices start from $350.00 AUD and are dependent on the size of your fly reels.

    Please contact me for details and to place your order :



    Great to see there are quality products still being made.



    nearly good enough to cradle saraciones… or is it saracioni?

    you’ve some top gear, jeff.
    I hate you. 😐 :rolleyes:

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