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    Hey All,

    Heading to arimdale in December to visit some of my partners family and wondering about trout fishing options close to town. I won’t have much free time only maybe 2 hours or so fishing time a day over around three days so wondering if the is anything worth a cast near by. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Cheers in advance,



    Thomas Clancy

    Hi Jared,

    If you are pressed for time, I suggest giving Dumaresq Dam a crack. It’s about 10km past the university, along Boorolong Road. The dam is stocked with Australian bass, very large ex hatchery brood stock rainbows, and of course redfin are present. It’s a small dam, so easily walkable right the way around.

    Try up in northern end, from the bank opposite the carpark, or the flats out the front of the carpark itself in the mornings or evenings. Streamers are a good all round bet for any of the mentioned species, keep in mind though that Aussie bass will only really fire during the absolute warmest parts of the year. More common are redfin and the EOS rainbows.

    Further along Boorolong Road is Boorolong Creek, with a few public access points. When I lived there the fishing was very hot and cold due to the ongoing drought, but given all this wet weather we’ve had it might be worth a visit.

    Good luck,




    Hi Jared

    As above Dumaresq Dam or if you can squeeze an extra half an hour the Gwydir river down the Bundarra Road then turn up Torryburn road and then the first dirt road to your left a couple of hundred metres and there is a few decent holes for cod again has been running hot and cold since the drought but can be good.Out around Ebor there is the Guy Fawkes river but about an hour from Armidale.

    Good Luck





    Cheers for the info guys. Much appreciated!



    Ebor is your best bet for trout, but it is a 1hr drive from Armidale.

    The Wollomombi River @ Wollomombi Village off Waterfall Way used to be ok at times, but I’ve not tried it for decades.  Wollomombi is only half an hour out of Armidale.  Fish deep with yabby patterns or larger weighted nymphs.

    As Tom says, Dumaresq Dam is your closest option, only 15mins from town.

    Booralong Creek used to be good, but again I’ve not tried it for decades.  Head out Booralong Rd, then turn right onto Old Armidale Rd.  You will cross the Creek at a low level crossing, then a few kms on, on the right there is a TSR you can park in and access the creek.

    These days, we mostly chase bass, cod and carp with our clients, but most of those options are a 1-1.5 hr drive from Armidale.





    Never thought I’d get a wild trout this big anywhere but NZ.  4wt rod, 4lb tippet, net too small.


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